Friday, June 29, 2012

Confession Time

Let's confess it all:
  • I was not surprised.
  • I checked out Coast to Coast.
  • There is only one oether blogger listed there for Wyoming.  
  • Now that I'm there, there are two.  
  • Go check it out.
  • It's pretty cool.  You add your blog and see who might be blogging near you.
  • This week has been hot.
  • It's hard to find motivation for anything when it's hot.
  • I get snappy when it's hot.
  • Small boys and a snappy mom are not a good combination.
  • Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Maybe.
  • There will be laundry, but I'm trying to ignore it until the last possible minute.
  • There might be home improvement done.
  • Nothing is better than a long talk with a friend, even if the talk is over Facebook messenger.
  • I need a nap.
  • Not going to get one though.
So what are you looking forward to this weekend?
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  1. I checked out Coast to Coast too - just haven't done it yet. I should have added that to my confessions, like you. I think I'll go back and do that. Thanks for the idea! Hope you do have a quiet weekend.

  2. Coast to Coast...pretty interesting. I'll have to add myself. Not a lot of bloggers in AK on that map. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  3. It's been hot here this week too - wayyy hot! Have a great quiet weekend!!

  4. I've never heard of Coast to Coast and I could so use a nap. A nap,a massage,a hair cut and color and a pedicure.

  5. Oh, I agree about naps! And conversations with friends. My best friend is out of town for three weeks, and I need a good girl talk! Talk about hot. Over 100 a few times this week already. I'm gonna go check out coast to coast. Have a great weekend!

  6. Are you guys getting smoke from the fires in your area, too? I keep hearing about that from friends in Montana, Utah, and thereabouts. I hope the temperature drops a bit so you feel less snappy. And that the weekend is quiet for you, for sure. Good luck!

  7. I just added myself to the coast to coast today =) There are a few in MI where I am! I have been snappy too!

  8. Hope that you're not too hot and snappy this weekend!

  9. will have to check out this coast to coast site

  10. Oooh, I have to go check that out! The coast to coast thingy. :)

  11. that coast to coast thing is RAD! thanks for sharing.

    thanks for linking up. sorry i am slow getting here....what a week!!


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