Monday, June 4, 2012

Where did that Weekend Go?

I blinked and this last weekend and missed it entirely.  Well not entirely, but it flashed past awfully fast.
Saturday we did the normal morning things:  Grocery shopping, sorted laundry, managed dishes.  For the afternoon, we dropped the kids off at Nick's folks and went to the wedding of a colleague from work.  It was a fun time really.  He was from China and she was from Indonesia.  They celebrate weddings a bit differently than we do here.  But it was fun to see a mix of our traditions and theirs.
After the wedding, we headed to a friend's house and had a cookout.  The weather was not really amenable to being outside, but we persevered and ended up having a good time.
Backyard fire--for S'mores of course.

Just chilling.

Sunday we had much better weather.  I spent the day detailing the truck and the car.  Also doing laundry.  I conquered mount laundry.  It has no ground to stand on and can't taunt me anymore.  As for the vehicles,  they are both clean as can be on the inside.  Nick also fixed the speaker in his truck.  Now I really want to go for a drive in our nice clean vehicles.
Today, Nick is headed out of town for the next few days, again.  So it's me and the boys for a few days.  I'm happy that the weekend is over, we were so busy on Sunday that I think next weekend we are doing nothing.  Maybe going for a drive in our nice clean vehicles.
How was your weekend?  Busy, boring, exciting, or too quick to notice?


  1. Mine was also too quick but still pretty darn good. The beginning of next week will be just me and the boys but then we'll go meet my husband for vacation so... not too bad!

  2. I painted all weekend, and today I am getting ready to do chores! *sadface*

  3. I want to hear more about the Chinese/Indonesian wedding! I love going to a big ethnic wedding. We've been to a few outrageous ones. The most memorable was a Greek groom and a Haitian bride. Both of those cultures can PARTY. A lamb on a spit, a huge vat of gumbo like stew. Outrageous.

  4. Still sounds like a fun weekend! My weekend passed by quickly too. That means it rocked.

  5. Mine went too fast too.
    I wish we had S'mores!

  6. Sounds like a great time or at least the wedding was. We just did the chores. Not real fun.

  7. fun we spent most of it by the pool getting it ready to swim in

  8. Weekends keep going faster and faster!

    I joked with my husband that we're so old that we don't get invites to weddings anymore....just kids' graduations!


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