Monday, June 11, 2012

Road Trip(ish) Weekend

 The weekend started off with a trip to the Dentist for the boys.  It was Bruiser's first trip, and other than some issues with the chair leaning back, he did great.  Turbo did as well and lost another tooth.  The Tooth Fairy was generous and visited him again. After Bruiser's nap we loaded up and took off to find a road we had not driven down before.  We ended up in Colorado and came home a back road so we could see more interesting country than the highway shows.  Once we got home we settled in the basement and watched Big Bang Theory reruns.  It was a nice way to spend  Friday night.  I may have had a glass of wine (or two or three) so I was quite relaxed.
Saturday we did the normal errands, groceries, and such.  We then hit Ace for garden stuff.  I now have two veggie gardens.  One with three zucchini plants and two cucumber plants.  In the other I have lettuce, dill, lavender, thyme, chives, peas, carrots and mint planted.  I will see what actually comes up.  It's late to be planting seeds, but I might be able to get something, if the season lasts a bit this year.
Zucchinis and cucumbers

Sad little transplanted veggies, but I'm hopeful they will come back and that the seeds will grow.

Strawberries.  Maybe this time they will grow and thrive.

We took the boys to the rec center and went swimming then did McD's for lunch, which we ate on teh back deck.

The rest of Saturday was yard work and hanging out enjoying the nice weather.  WE even busted out the sidewalk chalk:

Sunday we went to the mountains again.  Different direction, but still we got to bumble down a dirt road or two.  We took the stuff with us and had brunch by a mountain lake.  Eggs, Sausage and cheese breakfast burritos.  Nothing like mountain air to make the food taste that much better.  We scouted a camp site or two for the camping trip we are planning on taking in a couple weeks.  As we came back to town, we stopped at a place on the river where the guys plan on crawdad hunting and general river playing later this summer.  Both boys are looking forward to going back.  When we got home we all sort of dropped.  I think the weekend won.

So what did you do?  Do you feel like you got a weekend, or do you need more weekend?  I personally could sleep a whole bunch more.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I did yardwork (boo) but it was overall nice.

  2. I envy your gardens! And your relaxing weekend. Do the boys watch Big Bang Theory? I never thought to show it to Jude, he might like it.

  3. We really didn't do anything very exciting. Met some friends for dinner last night but that was all.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hit up a local ball tourney on Friday night (nothing I love better than sitting in the bleachers on a summer night!) - went for a walk and then read on the back deck Saturday afternoon - went on a bachelorette party that night - and then Sunday School picnic yesterday, followed by an afternoon of napping! I HEART summertime! :)

  5. wow busy we did nothing as the truck broke down and had to be fixed

  6. That weekend sounds perfect! I really want a breakfast burritos now


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