Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Tuesday, always follows Monday so by default it got a good thing--no one likes Mondays, so Tuesday has to be better by comparison.
Now on to the random thoughts:

  • I saw a trailer on TV for the new Channing Tatum movie.  Magic Mike is evidently about male strippers.  I don't think I even really care about the story line--it has lots of very nice eye candy in it.  I talked about Magic Mike on Friday, but something like this just needs another mention.  I'm thinking girl's night out at the movies.
  • Bruiser loved this Muppet commercial.  He now asks to watch it when ever I'm on the computer.
  • The mosquitoes have arrived.  Both boys look a bit bitten.  They are definitely itchy.  I should buy stock in Gold Bond anti itch cream.  It works a bit better than hydrocortisone cream does for us.
  • We have smoke.  There is a forest fire south of us about 50-60 miles away.  The wind is blowing the smoke our way.  Lucky us.  
  • Be gone darned migraine.
  • I really think my brain has gone on vacation without me.  I really hope it's having fun on the beach it went to, because I'm really not quite here right now.  I bet it will come back with a great tan and good stories.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. LOL yeah, I have zero interest in Magic Mike's actual plot-line; it's basically soft-core porn for women and I think it's about darn time! Heh heh. Of course, when will I ever see it? I usually only see movies with my husband!

  2. I was JUST talking to my friend about a movie night to go see Magic Mike...we have NO idea what it's about, but Channing, stripping? IN.

    Hope your headache goes away soon!!

  3. Unfortunately, mosquitoes love me, too!

  4. My brain must stay on vacation. It's quite evident I'm not all here most days. I got a few mosquitoe bites over the weekend. Stupid bugs! When I was a kid, I have a zillion bites all over my legs and oh! how itchy that was. Not fun! I don't get migraines, but some of my headaches are pretty nasty so I sympathize with you. I'm praying it goes away or at least eases up. Thanks for hopping over today! =D

  5. BTW, I have a rubber art stamp set I'm doing a giveaway on, if you're interested.

  6. Panties will be combusting in the movie theater on June 29th. I can't WAIT to take my girls to see it! We will be obnoxious because we all have a major crush on Channing. He's just HOT!

  7. Yeah, I don't really care about the movie content...story wise, but the eye candy is good. :)

  8. Hopefully they are able to get the fire out soon. And I hate mosquito! There is definitely a lot of eye candy in Magic Mike but won't be seeing it myself

  9. I must have been living under a rock, I haven't heard about that movie yet...but you can bet I'll be Googling it the minute I'm done here... ;)

    The mosquitoes think me and Princess Nagger are the tastiest of snacks. They don't bug the hubby or Little Dude - but those two love spicy foods, so there might be something to that - I'll have to check out the Gold Bonds cream...

    I was wondering if you had smoke - hopefully the fires will be out soon. So sad. Also sad are migraines - hope yours takes a hike.

    Isn't it a bummer our brains get to enjoy all the fun on their imaginative vacations? ;)

    Funny Lists, Winemaking Fun, Tricky Eyeballs and Serious Brain Trouble

  10. There was a mosquito in the house the other day, and that just sends me! Hope the tan is accompanied by a crisp refreshed feeling! :)


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