Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tagged again!

I got tagged for this one again--but it's nice because the questions are different this time.
So rules:
  1. Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
  2. Ask 11 new questions.
  3. Tag 11 blog friends--no tag backs.  (Here is where I may break the rules.  I tagged 11 people the first time through, so this time I may just say tag if you wanna be tagged.)
Now for the 11 questions from Nain at View From Down Here:
  1. What is one thing that makes you smile no matter what?  Hearing Mommy! as I come in the door.
  2. What is the biggest adventure you've ever taken?  Probably the honeymoon Nick and I went on after our wedding.  We went to Florida, the Bahamas, and Disney World.  It was great fun.
  3. What is something that was always a fear of yours that you finally conquered?   I've been working on making friends in real life.  It's a work in progress, but things are going well so far.
  4. What is the one question you can't stand people asking?  Are you going to have another baby?  Nope.  Two and through.  The shop is closed.  We keep the answers light, but really, it's kinda nosy.
  5. What's the biggest social media pet peeve you have?  The inane updates.  The ones that update every stinking thing as if it was the most earth shaking news going.  Oh, and the constant connection that seems necessary any more.
  6. Do you think Facebook is a good thing or a bad thing and why?  There are good aspects of it, but there are also bad aspects of it.  I like keeping in touch with friends who are far flung, but there is also over sharing that goes on too.
  7. What's the one song you hear on the radio and you can't help but belt it out?  Oh, do I have to narrow it down to one--I sing in the car when ever a song I like (or know) comes on.  I'll belt out with the radio any day.  Eventually it will embarrass Turbo so I'm enjoying it while I can.
  8. How would you describe your blogging style?  Mom, friend, outlet blogger.  I talk about my kids, but I also talk about myself and the things my family does.  I really am just a blogger that talks about my life--my life is being a mom, friend, cook, reader, the list goes on and it all comes up in my blog, eventually.
  9. What's the best piece of advice you would give those who want to start blogging?  Jump in.  Comment on other blogs you like. Join link parties, follow blogs you like, write.  
  10. In Truth or Dare, do you prefer Truth or Dare?  I tend more toward Truth, but then the last time I played Truth or Dare was on a bus in high school.  Speech team was for girls and guys, so Truth or Dare was full of potential.
  11. Besides my blog, of course, what's your favorite blog to read?  There are so many: Sprite's Keeper, (one of the first I ever read), Second Blooming, Confessions of an Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, Jill's World, Amalah, Incognitus Scriptor,  the list goes on and on.
And now I get to ask questions:
  1. What is your favorite family game, or game to play with friends?
  2.  Do you enjoy cooking or find it a colossal chore?
  3. What is your preferred weekend activity?
  4. What is your bad habit?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?
  6. Do you have a must see TV show?
  7. Do you have pets?
  8. Tea or Coffee?
  9. What is your favorite summer evening activity?
  10. What is your favorite go to quick dinner that's not take out?
  11. What is your favorite animal?
Now as I said above--consider yourself tagged if you wish to be tagged.  Let me know so I can come see your answers.


  1. Oooooh the over-sharers on Facebook...I have a guy on my Friends list that I haven't hardly seen since high school, and almost every morning he talks about his dog's bowel movements. SO. GROSS!!!

    Thanks for mentioning me as one of your favourite blogs - you are one of mine as well! :) I'm going to answer these questions tomorrow.

  2. But you have two BOYS you must be gonna try for a girl!!! Your life will end if you don't have that girl!!! LOL

  3. I hate it when people ask me about more kids! It is very definitely a sore spot. Great post!

  4. Oh, I hate the baby questions too! I get those already about when we're having another...let's just see this one through first, you know? Then we'll talk...

  5. aren't you going to try for a girl? he he ok I just had to ask that please don't shoot


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