Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Randomness

Tuesday.  Somewhat better than Monday, but still too far from the weekend for me to really like Tuesday.  At least this Tuesday is not masquerading as a Monday.  So on with the randoms:

  • I have figured out why I don't really miss network TV.  The local commercials that come with it.  They can be hideous.  And they show them over and over.
  • I find it hard to believe that the Fourth of July is a week from tomorrow.  
  • Turbo started summer school.  We call it summer science camp because they try very hard to make it fun.  He will be studying deer, elk and antelope and going on field trips and doing things like learning on the sneaky side.  But a school bus comes and gets him at our door in the morning, they feed him lunch, then drop him at the door after lunch.  We can't ask for better service than that.
  • Those little beyotches are back.  The mosquitoes have arrived.  They look at Turbo and Bruiser as moving buffets.  We are now sporting eu de bug spray.  It's a lovely scent that follows us like a cloud but it blocks the buffet for the blood sucking beyotches.
  • Trying to make plans for the epic road trip we are taking this summer.  Two adults, two boys, the car and Destination Michigan.  It should be interesting to say the least.  Any car ride activities for a three year old and a nine year old are much appreciated.
  • Mmm, pork shoulder roast in the crock pot--looking for shredded pork sandwiches tonight.  And shredded pork tacos tomorrow and shredded pork something after that.  It's a big roast.  I may be freezing some the the pork for later.
  • My mom is nuts.  She can't make a simple phone call to make a request.  I get the whole book, not just a sample chapter.  This morning she was taking her car in for a tune up.  Fine.  I will go pick her up after she has dropped it off.  But could she ask me to do that?  No.  She had to tell me why she was taking the car in, why she had to take it now, and possibly how the mechanic will be feeling when she drops the car off.  I love my mom, but there are no short conversations with her.  The woman has verbal diarrhea, I swear.
  • It takes camping to make the bed feel fantastic and oh so comfortable.  It's been hot here so sleeping has been a bit more of a challenge than normal.  And by hot I mean in the upper 80s during the day.  Which is roughly 10+ degrees hotter than normal.  Not as hot as some places get, but way hot for us.
So how is your life going?  Got any random?  write it up, post it and link it up with Stacy.  She's a traveling lady right now, but she's still hosting the random.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. The summer school programs sounds really good! I'm sure Turbo is going to have a great time!

    Yeah the mosquitoes have arrived here in full force as well, only it seems I'm their only target.

  2. Mosquitoes haven't been too bad this year but the ticks are coming back. Surprisingly, not as bad as before but I think b/c of the rain, they're latching onto the dogs for dry land!

  3. Just the very idea of camping makes my bed better. I consider Red Roof Inn to camping, to be fair. As for the car, we got the DVD player headrest things and it's genius. We bought ours after market from Amazon.

  4. Oh, our mothers are cut from the same cloth. My Mom gives more irrelevelant details in every story than anyone I know. Makes me nuts! I just want to scream get to the pertinent part, NOW!

  5. Oh, my gosh, that sounds soooo much like my mom!! haha!!

    Absence really does make the heart grow fonder when it comes to beds...After my week in Cuba (where the bed was actually quite comfy), mine at home felt like it was made of angel's wings.

    And now I'm craving a pulled pork sandwich! ;)

  6. I agree, those commercials are bad. I love Netflix, and kind of love Hulu.

    Road trip! I'm excited! Hope you have fun on yours!

  7. Are we sisters? I think we have the same mom.
    Mosquitos are evil. I dislike them a lot. A lot. A lot. However like me quite a bit. Probably becasue I'm so sweet. :) tunately we don't have a big problem with them over here. When we were in the States in April though they nearly ate poor Indy alive.
    Road trip=DVD player. That's right, I'm a bad mom. Whatever. I'm sane on a long trip and that's all that matters. You do not want me getting road rage.

  8. Too funny about your mom!

    We loved the plastic lap desks (with pockets on the side) that held snacks and legos. Perfect for the road trip!

  9. Those mosquito bitches are HORRIBLE this year! Why are they so bad?

    You guys will enjoy Michigan...once you get there! Road trips are no fun when small children are involved. We would have driven (it was talked about) but 20 hours in a car with Emma would send me over the edge. She doesn't do well going 3 hours to Texas.

    Moms are good for long conversations, aren't they? LOL!

  10. I think the best thing we find for our boys to occupy them in the car is portable dvd players. My inlaws bought them some for Christmas one year...they're look like fun little laptops and the were around 60 apiece?

  11. We would not survive road trips without a portable dvr!

    The mosquitoes are evil. We don't. Really get a let up on them here, unfortunately.

  12. Ugh, I hate mosquitoes. We have these weird little flying bugs here, that can worm their way through my screen doors. Not cool!

    Glad that summer school is fun! I kind of want to go to science camp. ;-)

  13. i love you call summer school science camp great thinking and i hate commercials may be why i DVR things

  14. I hate mosquitoes too! We didn't get a cold winter at all so they'll be bad this summer. And like you, I can't believe it's almost July...craziness!

  15. There have already been mosquitoes found with West nile Virus and EEE this year (a lot of press since a 4 year old girl died last year...basically from a mosquito bite). Not an easy thing to hide from!

    We printed out road sign/auto bingo sheets for road trips...that was fun (for a little while anyway) We had a magnetic thing to keep track of license plate states too. We had some other license plate bingo as well.

  16. THe 4th is right around the corner and that makes me sad. Summer is slipping by way too fast!

    THe mosquitos are horrible here too invest in a Therma-cell, I swear you will thank me!

    The thought of being cooped up n a car with my girls for a road trip makes me rock back and forth. You have fun with that!

    Thanks for linking up with us, we love ya!


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