Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Verdict: Awesome!

According to Nick this last weekend was a fantastic weekend.  I think it was a pretty good weekend too.  Turbo had a blast with a friend so he thinks it was a good weekend.  Bruiser got to go watch a movie with his Nana so the weekend was great from his point of view.  Consensus:  Awesome weekend!
It started with TUrbo going to Kid's Night out at the rec center and Nick, Bruisr and I going to dinner.  I didn't ahve to cook or clean up after it--score!

I went shopping Saturday with my mom and a friend of ours and we had a wonderful time and found some really good deals.  When I got home, the back of the house (the only part Nick did not paint three years ago when he painted the house) was almost done being painted.
Nick had a friend over and they kinda tied one on.  The whiskey flowed and the hangover was significant.  In the midst of the imbibing, I got pork chops ready to grill, and made sure the fixings for the sandwiches that Nick wanted were ready so they could eat.  Turbo had spent the afternoon over at a friend's house and it turned into a sleep over and then a trip to the pool on Sunday.  The weekend was stellar in Turbo's opinion.
Sunday morning we got up, and as I made breakfast, Nick got things ready for us to finish painting.  Waffles on the deck or al fresco were very tasty.  Nana came and got Bruiser for their movie date and we took swim stuff to Turbo.  Then we finished the painting.  Our house is a masterpiece now.
After the painting was done, Nick got to start his next batch of beer.  It was a whole grain batch and everything went very smoothly.  It's in the basement and the yeast are happy little critters turning sugar into alcohol.
I finished laundry and vacuumed, did dishes, ran several errands, was generally a mom this weekend.  All in an effort to make Father's Day good for Nick.  He says he had a fabulous weekend so I guess we did alright.  He did get fly fishing stuff from the boys and is looking forward to getting to use it all.
Overall the weekend passed in a whirlwind and really, I feel like we had a weekend.  It didn't flash by, but it was busy enough and enough got done to call it a well spent weekend.


  1. That does sound like a great weekend!

  2. Wow I am tired just reading all you did! Good work. Hope you had a drink with the boys after all your hard work.

  3. I love weekends like that, productive and fun! Hope you have as good a week!

  4. any weekend where a big house project is complete is what I consider a huge success.
    Sounds like you crossed a lot off your list! So glad Nick had a happy Father's Day.
    Where are the pictures of your finished house??

  5. We had a great weekend too! And I also want to see photos of your completed project!


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