Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Talking Tuesday

Time to random it up in here.
  • This is going to be a strange week.  Nick's Birthday is on Thursday and he is maybe heading up on Thursday to go camping.  I'm going up to join him and the boys on Friday after work.  So shortish week for him and an odd one for me.
  • Have to admit, kinda looking forward to being in the house by myself.  Haven't been all alone for a pretty long time.  Being in an empty house (but for me and the cat) is going to be weird.  That is, if Nick decides to head up camping on Thursday. 
  • What is it with commercials these days?  There is a whole section of them that make absolutely no sense.  The Volkswagen one where just shutting the car door makes things fall out of a tree?  And the taste test Geiko ones?  What were those ad people thinking?
  • I have a question.  What internet browser do you use when you go online?  I use Mozilla Firefox at work and Google Chrome at home. I'm not wildly picky about which I use except I don't like using Internet Explorer because it doesn't have spell check. 
  • Is it sad that I have lots and lots of books on my Kindle?  Probably far more than I could read, but I still cruise the free offerings for more?  It's like a compulsion.  I love finding free books that look interesting.
  • Potty training has stalled.  We are stepping back right now to diapers.  Truly, Bruiser is just not getting it.  So we are stepping back and going with diapers and after a couple of weeks we will try to start again.
  • The above really frustrates me.  This is one hurdle that Bruiser is just not getting over.  In fact he has gone backwards.  It really hit me hard because this is one I can't do for him.  He has to do it himself.  I can only take comfort in the fact that there are few Kindergartners that are not potty trained.
  • As I age, Erma Bombeck's humor is hitting home far more than it did when I first started reading it at about age 16.  
  • I got attacked by a salesperson at Sam's Club and she painted on nail at the end with white paint.  It looks sort of French.  And amazingly enough it's lasting.  She did pick my left hand and the middle finger, but still, it's hardly chipped and it's been there since Saturday.  See:
  • I hate the Cottonwood trees.  Yes, they are the state tree of Wyoming, but they don't agree with my sinuses.  I swear it looks like it's snowing out there on some streets.  The cotton goes every where and will be around until mid-July at least.  It hates me and my sinuses.  Allergies suck!
And on that lovely note, I'll tell you to go see Stacy for more random posts.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. If you do end up home alone (with the cat) enjoy it! Like you said things like this don't happen often.
    Don't worry about the potty training ... unless he's like 18 then I would say you have something to worry about :)

    I don't have a Kindle ... both my parents told me today that I need to get one .... but I love actual books, a kindle doesn't smell like a book
    then again ... free books are hard to find!

  2. On the rare occasion that I get my nails done I usually go with the French nail thing. It seems to last the longest for me and it is easy for me to keep up.

    If you get time alone have fun!

  3. I use Firefox at work and Chrome at home too, though sometimes I use Chrome at work and it runs faster. I HATE IE with a burning passion. It's such a subpar browser!

  4. i love those rare moments when I get the house to myself it's wonderful enjoy it if it happens

  5. I use chrome on the laptop. And IE as a back up when Chrome will not load a page... I don't know why!! The desk PC I use IE. I've tried Foxfire becuz I was told it was faster, but I didn't see a difference.

  6. I've just always used Internet Explorer, I don't even know how to get a new one! lol (Tech savvy, I am not!!)

    I hope you enjoy your alone time if the boys go camping on Thursday. I know I enjoy my peace & quiet!! :)

  7. Sometimes having the house to yourself can be good--enjoy, if it happens.

    And Sam's can only spring for one nail? I guess they really wanted you to buy in so you could get the other 9 done!

  8. I use Firefox and have for the last 4 years. When Is tarted my blog I had some issues with Explorer and writing posts...long story. End result I switched to Firefox and can't imagine going back. I love the spell check feature and the pin aps as tab feature.

  9. I wanna go camping! It's on my list of things to do this year. I'm hoping to do some camping in Michigan next month. I hope you get to enjoy a quiet house. Every mom needs that.

    I use safari since I use an apple. I really like it.

    One nail? What were they trying to sale you by painting just one nail? Silly Sams people.

  10. I love the free ebooks on the Kindle app. I use it with my ipad all the time. I've actually found a couple of really good books that way.

    Enjoy your alone time, and I hope the allergies don't getcha too bad!

  11. Ah, sorry about the step back in potty training. Don't let it get you too far down. Sprite had her own backstepping as well before she was finally ready. It does happen.

  12. Is it bad that I'm a tad bit jealous that you'll have the house all to yourself? That never happens here. Maybe I'll come join you in your empty-ish quiet house for the night. ;)

    Commercials definitely seem to be a bit more on the annoying side lately, don't they?

    I use Firefox exclusively - I never ever use Internet Explorer because it has so many security issues - when I used it all the time, even when I had great anti-virus software, I was constantly having to restore my computer. Since using Firefox I've had no issues at all, ever! :)

    I have lots and lots of books on my Kindle, too - so you're not alone. I haven't even read half of them yet, and not sure when I'll do so! :)

    You'll find that the kids that are extremely smart have trouble doing the simple things like potty training. Or so I've heard. And Princess Nagger was exactly the same frustrating mode when she was potty training - the hubby used to joke she'd be wearing diapers under her graduation gown. ;) But no worries - one day, when you least expect it, it'll just click. :)

    My sister does something different with her nails - some sort of white pencil thingy that she colors the underneath tips of her nails white to make them look like French tips. I never get 'fancy' with mine, I suppose I should some day. ;)

    Sorry the Cottonwood trees are attacking your sinuses with their insistence at dropping their snow. ;)

    Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

  13. Enjoy your little piece of quiet if you get one! Theere is fluffy white flying through the air here in central new York too.i didn't know who the guilty tree was, nor why it seems to be lasting longer than usual this year...ugh!

  14. Well...birthday celebrations everywhere! My husband's is June 22. Sounds like you need a vacation. LOL. Love the nail thingy. Mine never lasts.

  15. Cottonwoods kill my allergies, too!!!

    Our season is earlier here *of course*

    Oh, and what I would not GIVE to have the house to myself for a couple of days....*heaven*


  16. You actually still watch commercials? Ever since the installation of our DVR, I boycott all commericals. I won't watch live TV, which I know is rather princessy but what can you do? Also, don't worry about potty training. It is the single most frustrating thing I have experienced. When I figure out how to be successful with my daughter, I promise to tell you know.


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