Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talking Random

So time once again to spit out all the random that floats around in my head.  Lucky you!
  • What is it about a clean car that makes it so much nicer to drive?  I do a once a year detail on both vehicles and I'm always amazed at how much nicer it is to drive them after they are clean.
  • Little boys hate going to bed in the light.  One of the many injustices of summer.
  • I really need a beach with cabana boys.  To relax and have cute guys bring me drinks--bliss.  Somehow, lying on a lawn chair and having Turbo and Bruiser bring me drinks is not the same.
  • Maybe I need to have time to play video games too.  Or it could just be some time to myself to do nothing at all.  Sounds heavenly.  
  • I got a sparkly pink cover for my phone.  It's girly, but every now and then I have to let my girl flag fly.  Being around all the guys I usually go with the flow, but every now and then the girl just has to come out.
  • Monday night TV sucks.
  • Stupid questions abound.  I don't care what my teachers told me, there are truly stupid questions.  We keep trying to cure Turbo of his need to ask glaringly stupid questions.  Sadly, he has yet to really catch on.  
  • I did laundry this weekend.  Even the towels got folded and put away.  The only thing in the dryer is a set of sheets that go in the camper.  Score one for me.
  • Ice cream is good.  
  • I have a nagging zit just above my lip.  It's been there for days now.  I wish it would go away.
  • And my brain seems empty now.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. totes have the same rotten stupid zit right above my lip, the worst possible place for one. i do nothing but mess with it...ugh driving me kahrazy!

  2. As a librarian I can safely say that there are truly stupid questions no matter what anyone else says.

  3. If the cabana boys also give massages and bring me an endless supply of romance novels, I'd be in heaven!

  4. I know what you mean about occasionally letting your girl flag fly - I'm not a girly girl, but I keep my nails painted for that very reason - I'm a girl! haha!

  5. I love the looks of a clean car inside & out. We or I should say, DH tries to make a point do give ours a good going over twice each summer - begin & end and you're so right. It does make being in the car more enjoyable. When we were younger and before children keeping the car in top order was almost a religion. It's funny how things change.

  6. I love a clean interior in my car, the outside can be dripping with mud and bugs and I don't care, but I just love it when it is all clean and pretty inside!

  7. Monday night TV does suck! I want my cabana boys to be Jude and Brad to rub my legs and back with sunscreen. and Will Smith to feed me fruit and serve me drinks. le sigh.
    Yep monday TV sucks.

  8. Let's rent a cabana boy together. I'll come there or you can come here. That sounds like heaven.

    I just had my car detailed about 2 weeks ago. I felt like I was driving a brand new car (for about 3 days until it rained). I need to use that guy more often!!

    Thanks for being a loyal link-upper!! =)

  9. I absolutely hate Daylights Savings Time for this exact reason! Aubrey gets all interested in the light poking through her window, no matter how late it is...drives me crazy!

  10. Getting my car detailed is one of the few perks of having a hubby in the auto business. I too love a clean car.

    We have no bedtime during the summer. As long as they're being good they can stay up until the sun comes up.

    Thanks for joining the party!

  11. Oh I love a nice clean car. I should probably go wipe the interior of mine down at the very least. I'd rather take it in though!

    I know what you mean about the girl flag. I don't let mine fly often, but it's fun when I do!

  12. There really is something about a clean car, isn't there? I keep my clean (I'm anal about it) but hubby lives in his car and trashes it on a regular basis, so I'm always embarrassed to go anywhere in his car. Except now he has a new (to him) car, and suddenly he's all about babying it. ;)

    I have the same issue with Little Dude not wanting to go to bed "But it's still wight out!!" I remind him that it doesn't matter if it's still light out, it's still his bedtime and the sun's bedtime is later. Of course he just rolls around and talks to himself until it gets dark. And wakes up the minute the sun makes an appearance in the morning.

    Ooooh! Sparkly pink cover - I want one to let my girly flag fly, too.

    And I want a beach with cabana boys.

    And I need someone to come fold my laundry...wanna volunteer? ;)

    I hate nagging zits. I get them once a month without fail. ;)

    Wino Fun – the Results Are In! And a Happy Dance: Talk To Us RTT Rebel

  13. A clean car is SO much better. Mine is presently filthy, and I can't stand it! I know what you mean about the stupid questions. I have a running issue with Jude asking questions that aren't really questions. Or rather, they're questions that either he already knows the answer, or nobody on earth knows the answer. Drives me nuts.

  14. If you do find a cabana with cute guys, can I come join? :)

  15. i love your beach idea and yes little boys hate to go to bed in daylight crazy summer nights and ice cream is always good

  16. Cabana boys...mmmm. i am having a lovely daydream right now! Poolside with my freshly pedicured toes, sipping on a mai tai...

    A clean car is a beauty to behold.

  17. Thanks for reminding me, I need to haul out the vacuum and detail mine. :-)


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