Friday, June 8, 2012


So while Mamarazzi is on vacation, Aubrey from High Heeled Love is taking over Friday Confessions.  So I get a place to confess!

  • I saw an ad for Magic Mike.
  • The eye candy alone makes it a movie worth seeing.
  • I'm hating the weather changes we have been having.
  • They fire my migraines off.
  • I hate potty training.
  • I hate that Bruiser is slow at the getting it part of potty training.
  • We are going to run away tomorrow.
  • After the boys dentist appointments, we are going for a ride.
  • Road hunt. 
  • To find a place to go camping.
  • My face thinks it's 13 again.
  • Drives me nuts.
  • We need to get brewing supplies.
  • There is currently now beer being made in the house.
  • Definitely need to remedy that one.
  • My motivation has gone on vacation.
  • I wish it had taken me with it.
What are you confessing this week?
Go link up with  Aubrey at High Heeled Love and confess away!



becca said...

i'm with you on the eye candy in Magic Mike and yea the weather here sucks been raining for a week now not liking it. have fun on your road trip

Aubrey S. said...

I am totally with you on the Magic Mike; will so be going to ogle during that movie.

Camping sounds so fun! Hope you guys have a great time.

Thanks for playing along; have a fabulous weekend!

Rachel Murphy said...

So good to read you again.. Have missed all my bloggy friends. I am with you.. Weather is crazy.. Make up your mind already!!! AND so need a vacation!

sarita edgerton said...

My face too is confused. Doesn't know whether it needs to be old or teenaged!

viewfromdownhere said...

I haven't heard of Magic Mike...may need to google that one!

Date Girl said...

Send that brewed beer my way. ;-) Hope your migraines get better soon. I would love to go camping-hopefully soon we'll get to.

Jill said...

Magic that the new one comping up with Channing Tatum as a chippendale dancer? If so...sign me up! haha!!

Have a fun time road hunting this weekend :)

MiMi said...

Magic Mike....LOL, looks cheesy and IRRESISTABLE!


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