Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a New Floor!

So we started out to plan on having a quiet weekend.  Yeah, that lasted about 5 minutes.  Nick and I ducked out of work early on Friday and headed to Cheyenne to get new decking for the front porch.  We ended up finding a great deal on Kitchen flooring instead.
So we went from this:
From the hallway into the kitchen.

A decent shot of the hideous tile linoleum.

To this:
And the ugly floor is going...


To this:

New area rugs and all.

One seamless floor from the back door through the kitchen to the hallway.

I am so thrilled.  Nick did most of the work while I ran interference with kiddos.  I also got laundry done, dishes cleaned (several times), Turbo had his cousin over for a sleep over, cabinets got cleaned, I even got a nap.  We also bottled the IPA Nick had brewed up.  So much for a quiet weekend.  Ours was very busy agian.  I don't think we would know what to do with a quiet weekend.  We'd make it exciting somehow.

In other news, we now have a fire in the mountains just 30 miles to the west of us.  We had ashes falling in our driveway last night and the sun looks all funny due to the smoke in the air.   Pray for rain--we need some badly.
How was your weekend?


  1. The floor looks awesome! And I promise to do a rain dance for you as soon as I pick Sprite up from camp. If I do it at work, I will get questions. :-)

  2. The floor look terrific. We take on last minute projects like that all the time. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get rain and SOON!

  3. Great looking floor! So much better than what it was for sure!
    Hope you guys get rain, can't imagine how scary it must be.

  4. Praying for rain, and hopefully you can send some to Indiana, too. And I LOVE the floor - looks great!

  5. Gorgeous new floor! I love that it went right over the old one. Hope rain falls on you soon....

  6. The new floor looks awesome! Great job guys. I keep praying for our Alaskan Rain to go visit you, but it's still here.

  7. I'm hoping some rain hits y'all in WY, UT, ID and CO really soon!
    And I LOVE how the floor turned out...and the throw rugs!! I want those!

  8. I remember that floor from my childhood! Beautiful upgrade! Am intrigued by the homemade beer...

  9. wow great floor and lots got done.

  10. Looks so great!! What a huge improvement!! Helps your kitchen look 15 years younger

  11. Your new floor definitely gives your home a different look! What I like about wood flooring is that it gives any space a warm, lively look, just like what happened to your kitchen! The wood flooring enlivened the space quite well.

    *Kathy Carbone


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