Friday, July 27, 2012

Time to Confess

Hooray!  I made it to Friday again.  Now to make it to going home time.
I confess:

  • We have big plans tonight.
  • The opening ceremonies are on for the Olympics.
  • And the sports we like to watch will be on right away.
  • Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, maybe a little Beach Volleyball.
  • OK, so the last one is for the guys in the house.
  • Strange to think, four years ago I was pregnant with Bruiser.
  • Plans have changed a bit for our major trip this summer.
  • We are thinking about taking the train instead of driving.
  • It's faster and easier with the boys.
  • We are all a bit more excited about going by train than driving.
  • There was a a lot of dread about driving.
  • The train solves a lot of that dread.
  • Bruiser has his good days with the potty and his bad days.
  • He still has issues with the potty at the babysitter's.  
  • I'm hopeful that he will catch on soon.
  • Turbo finished summer school with a glowing report.
  • Things were said about him showing more determination to finish projects, more focus, less redirection.  
  • All very good things to hear.
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  1. I am looking forward to the opening ceremonies, too! And congrats Turbo on the great report card!!!

  2. I have a GNO tonight, which makes me kind of sad about missing opening ceremonies! LOL. But the spa/margarita party might make up for it in some small way. ;)

  3. yay for Bruiser he is making great strides and awesome news about turbo. A train ride sounds fun

  4. SO excited for the Olympics to start!! I remember when the winter ones for here, it seemed like the summer ones were so far away...I prefer the Winter Games, but still looking forward to these Summer games!

  5. My confessions are made and in! I want to take my family on a train trip. I trust you will post lots of pics! Can't wait to see them!

  6. We took the train at Christmas...they boys LOVED it!

  7. I'm recording the opening ceremonies so I can watch them with Match. I'm excited for them too! A train trip sounds like so much fun!! I think it'll be a lot more fun with the boys.

  8. Oooo, we're all over the Olympics here too. Jude and I will be camped out in front of it every night! The train sounds excellent! We've been saying we were going to do an Amtrak trip for ages, but have only gotten as far as San Diego. But that was really cool. Can't wait to hear about it.

  9. the opening ceremony was a huge disappointment, but we have been glued to the games all weekend.

    thanks for linking up!!


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