Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WWTK--Celebrity Edition

We Want to Know time is here once again.  Cause it's Wednesday everyone!

So The Lovely One asked this question:

{1} What Disney character do you most resemble and why?   I really would have to go with my favorite Disney Movies from way back and say Angela Landsbury's Mrs. Eglantine Price from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  She's earnest and does her best in a tough situation.  And she is a witch. How cool would that be, not to say I'm a witch.  While I don't look much like her, I'd like to think I'd do my best given a tough situation.
Or maybe Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus.

And it got Mamarazzi wanting to know...

{2} Who was your teenage celebrity crush?  I was a teen in the late 80s.  Tiger beat and Teen magazines like that were easy to look at and created many a crush for me.  The one I remember the most was Tom Cruise, circa Top Gun.  Not fond of him now, but back then...

{3} What celebrity would you love to be BFF with?  Sandra Bullock.  She seems like a fun person and really nice.

{4} Who is your celebrity look a like?  This one always stymies me.  I don't think I look like any of the currant stars in Hollywood.  But if I had to choose one from when ever, I'd go with Meg Ryan circa When Harry Met Sally.

{5} Which celebrity/celebrity couple would you want to portray you/your honey in a movie about your life?  Matt Damon and Sandra Bullock.  I like Matt Damon and Nick has a bit of a thing for Sandra Bullock.  It works for me.  The movie might be a bit dull, but the the leading couple would be nice to look at.

Go see the other linkers and see who they would want to have portray them.  Mamarazzi and Crazymama have some great answers.
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allstarme said...

I love your answer to #1! I have not seen that movie in a long time but I loved it as a kid and she's a great character.

Jo said...

I would so not mind to have Meg Ryan's legs, she has great legs!

becca said...

Love your choice for Disney character your most like.

not a big fan of your celebrity crush but i can live with it.

love your BFF

wow your celebrity look alike gorgeous

and great couple choice Matt Damon Yummy

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh my gosh I love Hocus Pocus! They play it every Halloween and I never miss it.
Dang Tom Cruise was quite the looker back then!
I love Sandra Bullock!

Jill said...

Oh, I LOVE your answers! Especially your Bedknobs and Broomsticks choice!! already know we have that one in common! ;)
Sandra Bullock is an excellent choice, she'd be an awesome BFF - I never even thought of her!
And Matt Damon...yum...I adore Matt Damon.

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Love it! Not a fan of Tom Cruise.. Love Sandra Bullock. I think she'd be very cool to hang out with. And Matt Damon. Perfection. :) - Thanks for coming by my place. You now have a new "stalker" to add to your list. ;)

D said...

Actually when I first saw the picture on your journal I thought,"She sorta looks like a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and Meg Ryan."

Emmy said...

I love Sandra too! In fact at a dinner mystery theater when we had to pick a Celeberty name I picked her! And oh I do like Matt Dameon!

~she~ said...

Tom was definitely so much better during the time of Top Gun!

We both picked Sandra! Nice!

And great Bedknobs answer! I guess Mrs. Potts would have worked too! Ha ha!

Michele said...

Angela Landsbury was a real hottie in her day.

Mamarazzi said...

i super love that you chose real life people from Disney instead of a princess...i like your style, always have.

thanks for linking up!!


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