Friday, July 13, 2012

I Confess...

...that I am so excited it's Friday.  Let's get to the confession:

  • I'm not happy.
  • Nick rearranged the furniture.
  • Not just in one room, but pretty much swapped out the living room for the family room furniture.
  • He totally dismantled the cozy spot I loved in the living room--the one I showed you guys on Wednesday?
  • That space now has a sectional in it.  
  • No more cozy reading/TV watching area.  
  • He explained why he did it, but he did it without telling me he was going to (other than a cryptic "I'm going to do something Mom won't like while she's at the movies")(and a firm statement later that he told me 2 years ago he was going to do this.  The man can't remember things I told him 2 weeks ago, but expects me to remember he told me 2 years ago he was going to rearrange the furniture for remodel purposes)
  • I don't like it.  
  • I don't have to like it.
  • I just have to live with it until he's done with another project in the basement.
  • Then negotiations will commence for another rearrangement.
  • Speaking of movies, I did go see Magic Mike.
  • I'm...impressed by the dancing--oh hot hot hot.
  • Less than impressed by the story line they put with it.
  • It had it's dramatic parts, but it really didn't do much for me.
  • There's also the issue I have with Matthew McConaughey.
  • I have never really liked him as an actor. 
  • He always seems greasy and smarmy to me.
  • But I do like Channing Tatum.
  • Overall, this movie reminded me of Aspen Extreme.
  • Only with hot male dancers instead of ski instructors.
  • I really am excited for the weekend.  
  • No kids for two whole nights. 
  • Adult time at Nick's reunion.
  • Yeah, it's gonna be a fun weekend.
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  1. Ah! If someone re-arranged my furniture, I'd go crazy! I'm a little control-freaky about that. lol
    I agree on Matthew McConaughey...I used to like him, but lately, not so much. And he was my least favourite part of the movie was skeezy!!
    Have such a great time this weekend :)

  2. I'm a little controlling too, about how my furniture is arranged. And I don't like change - unless I instigate the change. I hope the basement project goes quickly and smoothly!

  3. I pretty much don't expect Magic Mike to have a plot and I, too, don't care for McConaughey

  4. here nothing gets moved without talking to me first only because I have trouble seeing and must map everything out and glad you got to see Magic Mike and enjoyed it

  5. Oh no, that totally sucks your cozy nook got rearranged! I would be pretty irritated too.
    I want to see Magic Mike so dang bad, it's ridiculous! I will, I swear, one of these days soon.
    Hope you have a fantastic adult weekend!

  6. I agree totally about Matthe Mc...I don't even want to spell his last name. He's smarmy!

    Sounds like maybe it's time for you to rearrange the mister's basement/den! :)

  7. Oy. The furniture issue. Hugs. I know how that feels. Now that I am the queen of my's only me. But I wouldn't wish that on anyone. :(

    The good thing is...your arrangement is not permanet.

  8. I'm so glad my husband has no interest in rearranging furniture I would hate it!

    Enjoy the 2 child free nights!

  9. I would be SO pissed if Jimmy rearranged all the furniture! Mostly because the man has a crazy sense of design (my "art" spin is testament to that!). And I totally agree about Matthew Mc. He always just seems smarmy. That's the main reason I have no interest in seeing that movie.


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