Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, it was a busy but fun weekend.  We made progress on the potty front.  We had a visit from a close friend and her kids.  We made beer and root beer.  Full busy weekend.
For starters, Bruiser has gone potty on his own and he made it through today with only one or two accidents.  I'm not thinking about the troubles he is having pooping.  It will come.  At least he will go on his own some of the time and goes with prompting without arguing.  Small steps.

Friday, Turbo had a friend over all day and it turned into a sleep over.  They got along great and Turbo had a blast.  C is a good kid and we really enjoy having him over.
Saturday nick brewed up an oatmeal stout. He is very excited about it. It's one of his favorite types of beer.  It looks like it will be a good beer.
Saturday afternoon our friend M came to town with her kids.  Nick was grilling ribs.  While he was out there we had a rain storm come through.  Nick just had to stand in it. We all had dinner--ribs done dry rub and sticky--and then M and her kids settled in our living room for the night.  M and I did take a walk and have a drink downtown so it was a nice evening.  We got to have breakfast out on our back deck.  It was fun. 
Grilling in the rain.
Tasty TABs
Breakfast al fresco.

Sunday M took her kids and Turbo up to Veedauwoo, a local hiking and climbing area.  They had rain, but got to hike anyway and saw a moose in the trees that ended up crossing the road in front of their car.  Exciting for them.
After they left, Nick and Turbo made root beer.  They mixed up extract with sugar and added yeast so it would carbonate.  Turbo is looking forward tasting it later this week.
So what did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Yummy beer and root beer I can imagine!

  2. Sounds like you had fun. We're working on potty training Isaac right now too; he's had success with #1 but nothing on #2. But he's still pretty young; it'll happen!

  3. And I thought my weekend was full! In terms of ticking off a list, you beat me hands down. :-)

  4. You guys are like Oregonians...Grillin' in the rain or it ain't happenin'! LOL
    Poopin in the potty is always a challenge.

  5. what an awesome weekend and way to go Bruiser he making progress that's really good

  6. Yours was so much better than mine. We spent the weekend getting ready for my trip north.

    Yay Bruiser!


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