Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Tuesday

Well I survived a relatively bad Monday.  I'm so glad it's Tuesday just because it's no longer Monday.  Now let's random up the place.

  • We have really been enjoying the Olympics.  It's nice that NBC is showing different sports on different channels.  I feel we are seeing more of the games this year.  Not just Swimming and Gymnastics, which is all I really watched four years ago.
  • The relief of going on our trip by train is tremendous.  Both Nick and I were dreading the drive out there and especially the drive back.  If Bruiser had been bigger (and more potty reliable), I don't think there would have been as much dread about the drive.
  • We are actually looking on the trip as a fun adventure now.  Across the country by train.  We get to travel in style.  Someone else is doing the driving, at least most of the way.
  • I get to spend the weekend going through little boy clothes.  I need to see what Turbo is going to need for school this year, cull out the small clothes, go through Bruiser's room and reorganize the clothes there so I have a place to put the clothes I'm culling out of Turbo's room.  Sounds like fun, no?  You want to be here for the fun, don't you?
  • I think I like the winter Olympics better.  You don't have to watch all the political commercials during the winter Olympics.
Not wildly exciting this week.  Next week will be a frantic laundry and packing blur.  Again, sounds like fun you don't want to miss, right?
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Seriously Shawn


  1. haven't been watching the Olympics this time not sure why and hope you have a great trip

  2. It has been fun watching the Olympics, but I am with you on the political ads!

    Train ride? Sounds fun! Plus you can get up and move around when you want, which is heavenly.

  3. I always thought train travel was cool; I just don't know if I could spend that much time on one.

  4. A train trip across the country? That does sound exciting! What an adventure. I can't believe all of the different Olympic sports I have seen in just four days!

  5. Travel by train... awesome!!

  6. The boys are going to love the train trip.

    I'm also mid-way with sorting out the kids clothes.


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