Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday, Beer, and Laundry

The title just about sums up this weekend.  It was one of those weekends where you do a lot but feel like you didn't do anything.
Friday afternoon, Nick went home to check on Turbo who was home with the dog.  When Nick got home, Turbo had broken a rule and had a friend over.  Because of that, Nick spent the afternoon at home playing warden for Turbo.  He vacuumed upstairs and down, watered plants, cleaned the table off, and dusted.  It was nice for me, half of my weekend chores got done without me.  It was almost as if the elves came to visit.
Friday night we watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and the Olympics have been on TV in our house ever since, one sport or another.  Beach Volleyball is a big hit, swimming is really inspiring Turbo, I'm enjoying the gymnastics--both men's and women's--and we've all had fun watching water polo and cycling.
Saturday started early for me.  My body decided that 5:00am it was done sleeping.  My mind wasn't but I could not get back to sleep and gave up trying at 6:00am.  I did the standard Saturday stuff--grocery shopping, started laundry--and then helped Nick bottle the oatmeal stout that was ready to bottle.  He got a picture of me helping and named the beer Sexy Leg Stout.
This right here was the reason for the naming of the stout.

We basically bummed around the rest of the day, I finished all the clothes, only had towels and sheets left to wash, ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and enjoyed prime time Olympics.  Turbo had a birthday party to go to and he had a blast having a water balloon fight there.
Bumming and enjoying the Olympics.

We are stepping up to unders for potty training.

I slept better Saturday night and Sunday morning came with an adult sleep in--7:30am.  We bottled the other batch of beer--a raspberry wheat that I dubbed Raspy Wheat.  We also put chicken on the grill to slow cook/smoke for dinner with my mom.  Sunday was her -10 (I think) birthday.  She started counting backward at 29.
What you do when a drenching rain storm comes over.

We had to save these beauties.
Beautifully smoked chicken.

We got a flash visit from my uncle--my mom's oldest brother.  He and his wife were on their way back to Colorado and it was nice to see them.  My mom was her usual self--loud and with the obligatory comments that only a slightly crazy mom can make.  We put a lot of work into the dinner and she just took it all as her due and never really said thank you, but she did get a dig in at Nick.  It was typical Mom.


  1. Love the beer name! And YUM, that dinner looks delicious!

  2. Oy, while do parents feel the need to insert their comments at will? Especially when it's not in their own home? But the chicken looks delicious, hopefully all the chewing muffled the comments a bit. :-)

  3. I think moms get to a certain age and start going batshit crazy.
    Yay for unders!


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