Monday, July 9, 2012

We Got Rain

After washing the truck, planning to stain the deck, and setting up a barbecue, we finally got rain.  Almost 3/4 of an inch of rain on Saturday.  We made our kabobs under the broiler since we couldn't go outside without getting drenched.  But thankfully the fire that is closest to us in the mountains is almost contained.  Yay rain!
For the rest of the weekend we really just lazed around.  Nick went swimming--laps and he's oh so sore right now--I cleaned the kitchen.  The boys watched A Dolphin Tale and Rio.  I battled a migraine.  It kind of won.
So to recap:
Friday evening we took the boys swimming.  Then went and saw some friends' parents who were in town.  Got the boys home and then we sort of dropped after a long, strange week.
Saturday I grocery shopped, took the boys for haircuts, cleaned the kitchen, got things ready to have our friends over for kabobs and then tried to nap.  Napping was mostly unsuccessful.  And it started to rain about 2ish.  It didn't stop.  We broiled kabobs instead of grilling them, but they were tasty anyway.  The son of our friends stayed the night here with Turbo and the boys had a ball.
Sunday started earlyish.  I made sausage pancakes for everyone.  Then N came and got T so he could head home.  We really just bummed around most of the day.  I got a migraine and tried napping it away.  I wasn't successful.
So, really, we had a bummy weekend and didn't accomplish much at all.  It was nice.  Oh, you want to see pics of the boys' new haircuts?  Here you go:
He wanted a buzz cut.  He almost got it.

Looks so much more like a little boy.
Next weekend promises to be much more exciting.  There is a high school reunion, the boys are with grandparents both Friday and Saturday night, and Nick and I get some much needed adult time.  I'm so looking forward to it.  The week is going to be busy too.  Magic Mike on Wednesday with the girls, there is a carnival in town to take the boys to,  swimming, a little bit of looky-looing at the fire damage, and some where in there we are going to have quality family time.  Maybe at the carnival...
How was your weekend?  Is your week looking to be busy?
P.S.:  Go check out the giveaway on Stacy's blog--it for a handmade bag and card keeper--so cute!


  1. My weeks' not as busy as some, though I have a lot of papers to grade. My main worry is budgeting money. Lots of little life expenses coming up here and there that make me nervous!

  2. The boys' haircuts look great!!
    You're lucky you got some rain...still dry dry dry here, and not a sign of rain in the forecast for the next 2 weeks. I don't mind at all, but my employers (sod farmers) are going nuts!!!

  3. I'm convinced that if you want rain, you just have to wash your vehicle. ;-)
    Hope your head is feeling better. Migraines sound so awful.

  4. Rain! YEAH! We have a couple of clouds today and like a 10% chance.... like that will actually ever happen!

  5. Hooray for rain! We got some too on Saturday night.


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