Friday, July 20, 2012


Hey, hey, hey it's Friday!  Just about the best day of the week.  It's also the day of the week we get to confess with Mamarazzi.
I confess:
  • I'm staying home from work today to continue the pooty training work with Brusier.
  • We've had some successes.
  • It's still slow going.
  • He's been bare from the waist down since Tuesday.
  • I'm hoping we can try unders on him tomorrow.
  • At least he is sort of voluntarily going to the bathroom now.
  • Because I'm home, all the niggly little household chores are getting done.
  • I cleaned the kitchen floor.
  • I vacuumed.
  • I cleaned kitchen counters off.
  • I'm really over the potty thing.
  • I wish I could find the right motivator for Bruiser.
  • Nothing has clicked quite yet with him.
  • It's been hot here.
  • The only saving grace we have is that it cools off at night.
  • I got a girls night out last night.
  • It was awesome.
  • We haven't had any get togethers this summer where we got to use our tiki torches.
  • We really need to do something about that.
  • As busy as this summer's been so far, I really feel like we have had a summer so far.
So what are you confessing?
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  1. wow good luck with the potty training hope all goes well for you and the little guy i'm rooting for him

  2. Glad you're getting household things done, but potty training is no fun. Just necessary. If they ever want to go to school! LOL Hope he clicks soon. This summer is going by way too fast!

  3. Glad to hear there is some progress! I've heard it's so so challenging. He'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure.

    You're so lucky that the nights cool down. Ours stay hot, like this stifling blanket. Bleck! I'm ready for Fall!!


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