Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Thinking On...

...things of a summer nature.  Or things you do during the summer.  Or things you can do during the summer.

  • We went swimming at the rec center last night.  It was fun. We are going to try to go tonight.
  • I'm not doing so well with all the smoke in the air.  We can't see the mountains that are literally just to the east of us(like 2-3 miles).  They hare lost in the haze.  It goes without saying that the ones on fire are gone too.  It's no fun to smell like a campfire without the fun of roasting marshmallows and hanging out with friends.  My contacts hate me.  Or they hate the smoke and are taking it out on me.
  • Nick's 20th reunion is next weekend--the 13-15 of July.   He's looking forward to it.  Strangely, so am I.  I know and want to see more people he graduated with than I wanted to see from my high school class.  It should be a fun time.
  • I should not watch home improvement shows.  They give me house lust.  Or decorating lust. At least for the decor they have.  I love the floor we have in the kitchen now, but I sigh over some of the kitchens they do on those shows like House Crashers.
  • Potty training has stalled completely.  The little stinker is perfectly happy in his diapers.  I guess eventually he'll decide that going potty in the potty is the thing to do, but it can't happen soon enough for me.
  • Turbo has been having something like night terrors.  It great fun to go try to calm him when he's yelling, terrified, and still sound asleep.  Well, asleep anyway.  The fun of sleep walking boys.
  • The 4th of July is tomorrow.  How exactly did that happen?
  • I'm ready to take a vacation.  But I have another month before we do.  So instead, I'm planning like crazy so we are well prepared for the cross country trip we are embarking on.  Road trip here we come.
So what are you wishing for this summer?  Rain is high, high on our list. This time of year it usually comes with lightening and we don't need any of that.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. yuck to all that smoke hope it clears up soon for everyone's sake and of course hope everyone is safe. I remember the potty training days glad i'm pass those now.

  2. I can't imagine...I sincerely hope the fires calm down soon because it's just so awful what is happening. I agree, rain is a must. That's pretty much high on my list too!

  3. I'm wishing my summer would turn around and give me some good things!!

  4. Surely, those brand new floors of yours abated the desire just a little, right? And Josh Temple in my home? Sigh..

  5. Poor baby with the night terrors, and sorry the potty training sucks! Sometimes it's hard to be a mom! (I only know through observing though)

  6. My brother used to have night terrors as a kid - it was kind of scary. He'd look like he was awake, but he'd be screaming and staring at my mom like she was an alien. Hope Turbo outgrows the phase quickly!!

  7. Those home shows make me green. I want what they have. :(

  8. Yeah contacts and smoke don't agree with each other. That's crazy you can't see the mountains that are that close! Dang!

  9. Alex has night terrors too. There really is nothing you can do except tell them to go back to sleep and wait it out. It is not fun. Stress brings her outs more-- a couple of years ago when I had Ryder early and I was gone at the hospital all the time with him, she had as many as 16 one night.
    I hope the fires are all put out soon.

  10. We need rain so badly too. I'm wishing for a cool day so I can go jogging without feeling like I'm going to pass out from the heat. Or walk after 7 without sweating like crazy.
    I think your new floors look amazing! Great job! I get that home lust too. I have so many DIY projects I want to do, and not enough time to do them all!

  11. Boys are difficult to potty train! We finally just stopped making a big deal about it, and then he was just fine. Weird, huh?

    I wish for you to have some rain, but no storms. We've had drought here for two years, and we are still not recovered!

  12. O shame! Hope Turbo gets over his night terrors soon, they are no fun for anyone!

    Fingers crossed for a great big rain storm!

  13. Glad you're having such a great time, but the fires area real bummer. So sad!

    Potty training...girl I'm so sorry this has truly been a battle for you hasn't it?

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  14. Rain? What's that? The pool has been my bff this year.


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