Monday, July 16, 2012

Reunions and Good Times

So this last weekend we had a very full, fun time.  So much happened and Nick got quite the blast from the past.  The adult time we got was fantastic.  The boys had a really good weekend too.
So to start, we got to go to the new swanky sky box at the football stadium for the opening mixer for Nick reunion.  The venue was wonderful, even if the air conditioning was working overtime.  Nick got to see several of his classmates he hadn't seen in years.  After we finished there we went downtown and enjoyed some street dance/drinking in the street normal good times for Laramie Jubilee Days.
Saturday, Nick was in the parade so I went and picked up the boys from my mom's house, which is conveniently close to the parade route.  We set up and waited for Nick float to come by.  Nick saved a few water balloons to toss at the boys and later the little league teammates came by and soaked Turbo and Bruiser with water guns.  Since it was hot out no real objections to the soaking were made.
Waiting for the candy parade to come.

Giving a thumbs up to dad on his float.

After the soaking from the little leaguers.

After Bruiser's nap, we took them to Papa and Nana's house for their over night and we went and had a drink at the local bar.  Like grown ups.  It was so nice we decided that we need to do it more often.  We then headed home and got all dudded up for dinner and dancing.  Nick, who does not dance, danced with me twice.  We had a wonderful time and headed down town for the last of the street dances (even if the "street dance" was in a parking lot this year).
Adult time rocks!

Sunday morning we got the kids back and I got the grocery shopping done. The last of Nick's reunion functions was a family picnic at the park a block from our house. Nick has been semi nominated to help organize the next reunion in ten years.  Not sure he's excited about that but he will most likely help.  After the  picnic we spent the rest of the day being lazy and recouping after the hustle and bustle of the weekend.
Whew, we almost needed a day off to recover from the weekend.  I think that means we did it up right.
How was your weekend?  Fun, boring, too exciting for words?


  1. Yay for a great weekend filled with adult time! Looks like your boys had a great time at the parade. We always throw freezies to the kids at our Canada Day parade - I should suggest super-soakers too! haha!

  2. Sounds like fun! We missed this year's Springtime parade due to rain but it's usually the ones the kids like the most b/c of all the candy.


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