Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spin Cycle--Lost and Found

I've lost a lot of things in my life.  Some good, some bad.  I've found a lot of things too.  Here are jsut a few.
Things Lost:

  • My mind on a regular basis.
  • My cool.  I have two boys.  Enough said.
  • My nerve.  Anytime I have to give a public speech.
  • My motivation.  For scrap booking, cooking sometimes, just doing.
  • Weight, but not nearly enough.  Working on this one now.
  • My patience.  The boys again.
  • My phone, a couple of times--not since I got the smart phone, but it has happened. 
Some things found:
  • My heart--Nick and the boys.
  • My mind--I find it as often as I lose it.
  • My cool--I always get it back.
  • Things for the guys.  Nick loses things constantly.  I usually know where they are.
  • Motivation to exercise.
  • Family.  Nick and the boys are my world.
  • Time. To spend with my family, reading, cooking dinner, blogging.  Wish there was more.
  • Blogging.  I found this about the time that I was pregnant with Reece.  It took me about a year of lurking to jump in, but I'm so glad I did.
  • An old friend.  Hi Stacy!
What have you lost or found recently?
Spin it up and go tell Gretchen, she'll link you right up. 

Second Blooming


  1. Hey yourself! Have a beautiful day! and when you find your motivation will you tell it to send mine home? Thanks.

  2. i agree I've lost my mind more times then i can count

  3. Nice way to put this! I am omitting this meme today b/c I am super busy but I loved this post. :)

  4. I love how your lists mirror each other!

  5. I identify with pretty much ALL of these! At least you find almost everything you lose. Well, don't find the weight!

    You are linked!

  6. Love it! I resemble the losing my mind thingy but I somehow can't find it all. LOL


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