Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WWTK--TV edition

And here we are again at Wednesday.  Pretty cool how the days just keep following one another.
Anyway, it's time to do the We Want to Know Wednesday thing again with Mamarazzi and Queso.
Queso wants to know:
  1. What is your MUST SEE show?  My must see show is Mythbusters.  Living in a house of guys, I don't get girly TV with out lots of protest.  I really do like What Not to Wear, but don't get to watch it all that often.  Thank goodness for the DVR.
  2. What shows are you most excited to watch this season?  I'm sort of interested in Pan-Am.  I'm looking forward to Bones. I will probably only see Bones.  I just sort of forget about network TV.
  3. How many hours a week do you actually watch tv?  It's an embarrassing number.  20+ a week, depending on the weather and how much my allergies will let me be outside.
  4. Do you think tv has gotten too "racy" (vulgar, pushing the limit, etc)?  Some TV is definitely racier, some TV is definitely gorier.  What I miss is fun family programming that speaks to adults and kids.
  5. How many tvs do you have in your house?  We have five TVs.  But only three are hooked up to the satellite.  The others have DVD players.  But no TVs in the boys' bedrooms.  There is one in our bedroom but not the boys.  That is one that I won't do.
So that's my answers.  Go see Mamarazzi and Queso for other responses.  Link up--it's fun!



  1. I'm a t.v. JUNKIE! I'd hate to even guess how many hours I watch per week.

    I have tv's in every room of my house, minus bathrooms. Eeeek!

  2. I couldn't even take part in this week's WWTK because I'm so mad that my TV isn't functioning. Something's wrong with my satellite chords or something, and I'm having to run to my mom's every night to watch premiere week. SO frustrating!!

  3. There's 3 tvs in our house, one in the living room which hasn't been turned on in days since Sprite decides fibbing is better than catching some cartoons, one in our guest room which only gets turned on when company is in town, and even then, not that often, and our own bedroom tv which sees the most play since I exercise in there and cannot be bored.

  4. Not an embarrasing # at all... mine is probably a million times worse. I love me some tv!

  5. If I didn't work my TV would be on ALL day unless I was sleeping! LOL Like I said, living by yourself, you kinda need the background noises of TV!

  6. I rarely watch TV anymore. As our shows we used to watch ended we just kind of stopped watching and didn't pick up new ones. We do watch a movie though almost every night of the week.

    And yea, definitely no TV's in the bedroom here-in fact we only have one TV

  7. my brothers love Mythbusters it's a pretty awesome show

  8. i am soooo with you on the whole no TV in the kid's rooms...good for you!

    we love mythbusters too!

    thanks for linking up!

  9. I never let the girls have tv's in their rooms either. And I only had one in mine when I was bedridden but now it's used only for gaming or dvd's. I heard Bones was really good, but we've not seen it. Ken and the girls watch Mythbusters too.

  10. Mythbusters is a great show!!

    We won't put tvs in the kids room either. No tvs or computers in their rooms. Ever.

  11. I had a huge argument with myself about whether or not to let my daughter have a tv in her room. I ended up getting her one, but it's not hooked up to cable, but she gets to watch a movie on Friday night if she's been good all week!

  12. yeah i don't think i'll be letting my kids have tvs in their room either.. i'm way too over protective lol... and my oldest loves myth busters! its such a neat show!!


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