Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colorful Goodness!


So Becca at Everyday Life really came through for my swap package.  Wanna see?  Of course you do!
All wrapped up so neat.

All the good stuff and Bruiser too!

Such awesome green stuff!

A yummy candle and green nail polish!

A very cute pot frog and a huge green pen (that was a hit with both boys).

A Family sign and a great plaque--It will be headed to my office.

A fabulous tote bag and green M&M socks.
If you couldn't guess my fav color was green.  Becca did a fantastic job picking out some wonderful green stuff.  So after all that great stuff--what did you get?


  1. That is THE coolest package!! I LOVE those socks! I think I might have to become a fan of green now!

  2. Great bag! And a green M&M socks?! Awesome. She did a great job putting your green package together.

  3. wow! she did really well finding green stuff!! it is all so cute too, i love everything she selected!!

  4. YAY.....Great Green stuff!
    Love that bag and socks!

  5. Look at all that green! I love the nail polish and frog, so cute!

  6. Holy smokes that is a lot of green! Awesome goodies. I especially love that tote!

  7. You had an awesome partner! Green is not an easy color to find and those socks are too cute!

  8. so happy you like everything the pen was little man's idea he thought it was to fun as well.

  9. Wow! Great package! :D
    I love the green "family" sign...that's just adorable.

  10. I got candy socks too! I love mine!

    You totally scored on this swap! Love it all!

  11. Very nice! Love the little family sign and the frog! Oh, and the m&m socks! So cool.


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