Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

Well, it's very hard to get into gear again after a wonderful long weekend.  I will endeavor to make this a random accounting of what we did this weekend.
  • Our college team won the opening football game.
  • There were fireworks.
  • Turbo stayed up way too late.
  • We repotted just about every plant in the house.
  • We had our first frost warning.
  • We cleaned out a couple of areas where things had piled.
  • I'm totally ready for fall.  Maybe.
  • But ice cream still sounds good.
  • I've had fun dancing again.  It makes a great exercise aid.
  • I don't want to jinx myself but, the boys may be getting sick.  Or it could be the smoke from various wildfires.
  • Bruiser has gotten quite talkative recently.  And very much the two year old.  He is demanding, pushy, and tantrum throwing.  He is also just crushed if he's told no.  My mantra is he just needs time to get with the program.  Time to throw a fit, cry it out, change he mind.  That last one is the hardest.
  • We grilled a lot and it was good.
  • It is suppose to rain today.  I'm really glad it was nice yesterday.
Well that covers our sort of random weekend.  I threw in a couple of other random things too.  Go see Stacy and check out the other random things going on.


  1. Wyoming actually won a game? WOW! That's awesome! I myself did a little pile cleaning. Feels good to sort though all those piles. Organization is the name of the game at my house.

  2. Our college team won too, even though they looked god-awful. We just played an even worse team. LOL.

  3. sounds like a pretty perfect holiday weekend. our team won too! yay for college fb!

  4. We had to bring out plants in from outside but no re-potting for us this year. Definitely next year though! Sounds like a chill weekend - just my style.

  5. WooHoo! for your college team winning a game, the fireworks and Turbo staying up too late! ;)

    Sounds like a very fun and productive weekend! And thanks for reminding me I need to bring in my banana tree plants from outside because it's now gotten too cold - just since yesterday. ;)

    Thanks for diligently rockin' the random with me in spite of my suckitude hostessing! :)

    Toddler Antics & Angst, R.I.P. Nigel 1.0 - Make Way for Nigel 2.0: RTT Rebel

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me....

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I would love a frost warning. Sprite and I were wandering around theme parks yesterday in a middle 90's temperature looking for John.
    Note: never split up between different parks unless BOTH cell phones are working. Makes for less arguing once you find each other. :-)

  8. Our weather has cooled down some. I hope it stays that way and not just taunting me.

  9. wow busy weekend and yay for your team winning. here everyone was excited about the Gators winning personally i know nothing of aports

  10. My team won too! Gotta love the terrible twos huh?

  11. Go Pokes! The Nebraska game should be interesting.


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