Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Tuesday--Why?

So it's time to throw those random thoughts out there and call it a post.  So here goes:
  • Why do boys get stinky?  Turbo, well let's just say the boy is bathing a lot more often the last couple of months.  
  • Why do small boys find the one thing that will drive a mom straight up the wall and proceed to do it over and over and over again? It's not that what they find to do is so much fun, but it sure drives me nuts.
  • Why are my allergies so bad this fall?  This might correlate to how bad they were this spring.  I hate allergies.
  • Why is 2 am the magic hour for insomnia for me?  I'm not really fond of 2 am.  Oh, it was fun to stay up til then when I was younger--BC(before Children)--but now, I never stay up that late.  Maybe it misses my company?  I can't imagine why, there are plenty of other people to keep it company in my college town.
  • Why does having a routine make the evenings that much easier?  In summer routine goes out the window, but with shorter days, a routine just sort of comes naturally.  not on the weekends, but that's another story.
  • Why is it so hard to lose that last five pounds?  It's so easy to put on.
  • Why do I get a feeling of satisfaction from doing the dishes and laundry and getting it all done?  They only start to accumulate immediately after I finish, but getting them "done" feels so good.  (Or I try to tell myself that.)
  • Why does it feel so good to get a package--an actual package in the mail?  I got my swap package and it was awesome!
And on that high note I'm off.
Go see Stacy for more random.


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Seriously Shawn


  1. I love getting packages; it just makes you feel special. I def. need to sign up for more swaps; I keep missing them. Happy RTT.

  2. There is just something that's SO instant gratification about getting laundry or dishes done. Until it starts all over again...

  3. I know what you mean about the dishes and laundry - I don't look forward to doing them, but once they're done, it's so rewarding. Only to realize 12 hours later that I have another sink full. ugh. lol

  4. I hear ya!

    I've never had allergy issues until this year. How weird is that?

    I'm a huge insomniac...I don't get 'good sleep' until after 4.

    And I complain daily that the moment I get the dishes/laundry done, the pile starts right back up again. So annoying.

    I agree--a package makes my whole day. Doesn't matter what's in it.

  5. The whole losing 5 pounds business is a good question. It is way easy to put on and it takes weeks to take it off! It's so frustrating!!! I've been trying to lose the same five pounds for 3 weeks.

    I love routines. I hope we always have one but I'm fearful that they will go bye bye when Emma is older!


  6. Why are boys so stinky? Good question!

  7. I wonder why boys are stinky too. My son gets lots of showers cause of his stinkyness.

  8. I love love love to get packages in the mail. Especially when I don't know They are coming!!! Surprise!!! What fun!!

    And boys just stink. It's sweat and dirt and some have a distinct odor of butt crack... you can bathe them every day but they still smell like boys.

  9. I lost 5 pounds but found 5....now that sucks!

    I'm here to tell ya that girls smell too especially when they're fresh from outside, and they too can find that one thing that drives me batty and harp on it until I'm ready to go Medieval on them!

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. I think my laundry just multiplies right there in the bin.

    I have issues with dishes. Here's the problem. I get my kitchen all nice and sparkly clean, dishes done and all and then, I want to cook something because there's space and room and it just looks inviting. However, I never want to cook again because it's so nice and sparkly clean and I don't want to mess it up!

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Boys ARE stinky!
    Routines are good.
    Lack of sleep and insomnia... BOO!
    I love doing package swaps!

  12. Surprise packages are the best!!!!

    Clean kitchens rock. I get immense pleasure out of cleaning it up only to have it dashed less than 30 minutes later when the mess accumulates again. It was good while it lasted right?

  13. Packages ARE the best!
    Boys ARE stinky! They smell like wet wool.
    The last five pounds ARE the worst!
    I hope you get some sleep!

  14. i get the same satisfaction from cleaning. even though it's a pain i love doing it, especially when i'm stressed.

  15. i love the satisfaction i get when i look at the house and everythign is in order and clean for all of five minutes i feeli've accoploshed something then it's over because someone just has to have a drink or a snack.

    plus i love getting packages that don't have you owe this amount attached to it reeally awesome feeling.

  16. There is nothing better than getting all the housework done and that sense of accomplishment. I know what you mean though, it's fleeting!


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