Thursday, September 15, 2011

Magic Moments--It's the little things

Capturing magic moments is what taking pictures is all about.  Shell over at Things I Can't Say is having a contest.  She want us to share our magic moment we've caught on film, digital memory, whatever.
Here are some of my magic moments:

The perfect goofiness of a summer afternoon.


Diving in with both hands!

It's Bruiser!  Jazz hands and all!

Turbo and his 'mohawk'
Magic moments happen by design and by accident.  I think I like the accidental ones better.


  1. See, now a post like this ... reminds me of how much I want kids :)

  2. Good luck with the contest- you have some fab pics entered and they've got my vote.

    My faves are the perfect summer afternoon and the mohawk. :D

  3. Accidental ones are the ones I think we will remember most fondly. Cute pictures

  4. Oh, the cake pics make me smile!


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