Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday randoms

Random it up folks!  Stacy has kept the party going so link up your random.
  • Piper is doing fine.  She looks a bit alien kitty with her cone of shame on, but she is doing so much better.
  • The doctor trip was uneventful.  I did get a tetanus shot.  So that was fun-ish. 
  • The weather has decided that we need summer temps during the day, but at night--yeah, still doing the fall thing.
  • Anyone got any perk up ideas--except caffeine.  Caffeine and I don't play well together.  Or rather it wants my company when I would rather be sleeping.  Any other ideas to perk up would be appreciated by everyone in my house.  Happy mom makes for happy family.
  • Bruiser has taken to saying sweet when he is excited about something.  It's pretty cute to hear a two year old saying sweet with all the proper inflection.
  • Given that Target was swamped over the new collection, I know I'm in the minority, but that Missoni stuff is kind of 70s and, in my opinion, ugly.
  • I do enjoy chai tea.  However I don't enjoy paying so much for a small one.  Back to making my own.
  • September seems to be speeding by.  I'm not sure I'm ready for October.  The boys are.  They keep taking about Halloween and what they want to be.  Turbo is thinking about being a mad scientist.  We are toying with making Bruiser Frankenstein to go with him.  Or maybe we will make Bruiser be a deviled egg--a yolk pinned to his shirt or colored on and devil horns to wear.  The ideas are flowing.
OK.  That's is for me.  Got see Stacy, she who is leading the random on.
And I'm joining in for talk to me Tuesday with Seriously Shawn and Impulsive Addict.
Seriously Shawn


  1. I like the deviled egg idea. Sweet! No non-caffeinated ideas for you, though. I will throw out that I stop caffeine at 3:pm, otherwise I don't sleep, either.

  2. I think that Missoni stuff is ugly too! Way too busy. I don't know other pick-me-ups aside from maybe some fruit in the afternoon and a handful of nuts (walnuts are REALLY good). I mean, from an energy standpoint, this works. From a mental standpoint, I take a "work vaycay" around 3 and make sure I do something fun for myself, like play Bejeweled.

  3. I don't have any non-caffeine ideas for you, but I wish I did. I don't drink coffee often (I did in college and ended up with bad headaches when I didn't have it, so I cut it out). The only idea I've heard that might work is turning the shower to cold water in the morning right before you get out...but that just pisses me off. So then I'm tired AND cranky.

  4. I do not like the Missoni line either! I happened to look at the price of a toddler dress and it was $39.99. $39.99 for a dress from Target that my daughter can wear for one season. No thank you! If I am going to spend that kind of money on clothes for her I'll go to Gymboree.

    Have you tried taking B-12 pills? My friend swears by them!

  5. I think the Missoni line would look fine on kids....but it's too expensive.

    I have no suggestions because Coffee is my lifeline.

  6. I actually like the 70's-inspired look of the Missoni line, but I've always loved nearly anything retro! :o) I like how these high fashion designers are making "more affordable" lines for places like Target, but sadly, they are still out of my price range. :o(

    Sorry you're kitten has to wear the cone of shame. They always look so pitiful with those on, but it does make for some pretty cute pictures. :o)

  7. Saaa-weet! How cute is that?!!?

    Try green tea pills, I haven't taken them but my Mom swears by them.

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. don't have any perk up ideas but i love that Bruiser is saying sweet to things he likes my son use to do that it is a hoot.

  9. Try B-12....it's supposed to give you energy. (Could possibly be B-6, not sure!)

  10. I'm not a huge fan of the Missoni stuff, either. A few pieces were cute, but nothing I'd go try to run people over for.

  11. I have to agree that Missoni isn't very cute at all.

  12. I'm with you. I can't believe it's well past the mid-mark for September. The holidays are breathing down our neck, as I type this across cyberspace. Before we know what happens it'll be singing Auld Lang Syne to 2011. *smack self on forehead*

    Thanks for randoming up with us,

    What's On Your Mind? Random Thoughts On A Rainy Day

  13. Hehe love the mad scientist look- Dev did that a few years ago and we did a whole scene, scared the heck out of people- including adults.

    I wasn't into the 70s look in the 70s and it's not doing much for me now. And the prices- Target is good for the 70% clearance but for everyday prices (and better labels) I'll take TJ Maxx any day.

    If you have the oomph to exercise after a few days that should give you some energy. I am severely anemic and lose blood randomly and they can't find the reason but my body doesn't absorb iron even with infusions but if you are anemic it and the b's might work for you.

  14. Speaking of Chi (or chai), I have a Chi protein shake that I've been drinking in the mornings and it is so yummy! I've never tried anything chai flavored before and maybe I should try the tea but I don't wanna pay a lot for it either.

    Awww...a mad scientist! How cute! I can't believe Halloween is almost here! YIKES! That means Thanksgiving is next and then Christmas and now I have anxiety because I don't have any Christmas shopping done!!

  15. I totally hate that crap from target. why would anyone??
    my girls were always dead things... dead prom queen dead bag lady dead chearleader dead rocker. dead hippie.

  16. I know what you mean by that September weather. I'm just happy to have my windows open again.

  17. For me, working out has a tendency to perk me up. Even a quick little walk with the dog can do the trick. Hope you perk up soon!

    I'm jealous of your fall nights. We're still getting some hot summer nights and I'm so over it. I want my cute fall clothes!

  18. Working is the only thing that works for me as a pick me up. It's a pain to do, but when you do, I feel great!

    I love when kids can start talking and telling you sweet things!

  19. Would you consider sharing your recipe for Chai tea? I love the stuff!

  20. If I had known that the very clothes I wore in the 70's would be back in fashion, I would have held onto them for Sprite. :-)

  21. Not the Cone of Shame!!! One o our dogs had to wear the COS and the jokes did not stop.
    Missoni is hideous! I've seen the expensive line in Italy and it's just as hideous. NOt sure what the appeal is.
    B12!!! Get a liquid that goes under your tongue. It doesn't taste all that great, but it will perk you up.


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