Monday, September 12, 2011

Domestic Goddess, Who's That?

I gave my best impression of a Domestic Goddess this weekend.  I summitted the laundry mountain and conquered the whole thing.  I got through the dishes that had multiplied in the dark. I even got the bathroom upstairs mostly clean.  I did not get the vacuum out though.  I hid inside as much as I could due to some nasty seasonal allergies.  I cleaned the kitchen, refrigerator (although not as far as cleaning shelves, I just got rid of the science experiments going on in there.  Some of that stuff was on the verge of reaching for me) and got clothes organized in Turbo's room--long sleeves into the drawers and tanks and shorts put away for the year.

Nick spent this weekend painting trim outside at my mom's house.  This is something owed her from last summer.  She is tickled at the progress.  There's really not much left to do.  And that's a good thing as Nick hates painting.  Unless it's painting pictures.  That he enjoys, when he finds the time and motivation.

Turbo had a birthday party and sleep over at the neighbors house.  He had a lot of fun and is quite tired this morning.  I think he had a good weekend.  I do have one thing about Turbo, he's hit that stinky age. He doesn't need deodorant yet, but wow does he get stinky.  The poor kid is going to get waterlogged with all the baths and showers he's taking, just so we can be around him.  He seems to be doing about average in school.  He's got spelling, math, reading, science, music, art, and P.E.  So far he's keeping up and his hand writing is getting better.  I think it helps that he is in a small class this year--there are only 10 kids in his class.  We will see what the rest of the year brings.

Bruiser, what to say about Bruiser?  He has discovered Football and wants to watch it all the time.  He spent Saturday evening on the back porch listening to the college game with his dad.  We won so that made it fun.  He does not like to be called names like sugar, honey, cuddle bear, he insists that he is Bruiser.  Sometimes he will be a dog, kitty, or monkey.  Monkey is the only name he will allow me to call him, other than his name.  He is developing definite ideas about what he wants to wear, eat, and go.  He tries desperately to keep up with Turbo.  Turbo is pretty tolerant of this--most of the time.  Really he is a typical two year old.  Right down to the tantrums he throws.  Although most tantrums are not anger related, they are of the heart break type.  Those really kick my sympathy in the rear.

And that covers an update on the family.  This last weekend nothing major happened, but it was a good weekend anyway.  Now to manage the week and get to the next weekend.  Hopefully we get to do something more weekendish.  How was your weekend?


  1. Want to come do my house? Ugh, sounds like you made good progress. I have to do the boys winter switch over soon, but I hate to think about where all the clothes that should fit little o went to, and where I'll put the ones LG grew out of...

  2. Winter switch over? The sundresses in Sprite's closet are going nowhere anytime soon..
    Sprite also goes through phases with the names. Right now, she likes "Spritelicious", although she keeps calling out "Mama" instead of "Mommy" as if she's trying it on for size. Even John has noticed. :-)

  3. I battled a sinus headache which I think was brought on by allergies all weekend - and I was outside for most of it, so that didn't help!

    My nephew loves Football and recently discovered our old VHS copy of "The Little Giants" - we watch it almost every Sunday, but this week we got to watch real football instead! yay!!!

  4. i did the whole house cleaning thing today so not fun till the mail arrived. hugs

  5. Only ten kids! How lucky is that! And go you! I need to do a big overhaul on several rooms. College football is fun

  6. I'm loving your blog. So family orientated it's fabulous!!! Since I have no children I don't have to much to share on the subject on my blog, but I love seeing the family updates! It's too sweet!!!

    Such a fun blog! I can't wait to return!

  7. I played hookey from the domestic thing all weekend & went to the lake both days. Now of course I am playing catch up. Sigh! :)


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