Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Happening?

So, how was your weekend?  Relaxing, busy, eventful?  Or was it just another two days off that went too fast?
Ours was all of the above.
Saturday was a day when we got a lot done.  I did laundry--yes, I danced with the laundry and it wasn't too bad.  I also washed the windows.  Nick got the ladder back and I was able to get to the top of the outside of our windows.  They hadn't been washed for about two years.  I can get to everything on the windows from inside but the top of the outside.  So we now have windows we can see clearly out of again.
In the afternoon, Nick and I dropped the kids off at my mom's for an overnight.  It was Bruiser's first overnight away from us.  From the sounds of things it didn't go too bad.
We went home and settled down to watch the Wyoming/Nebraska game.  We expected to get annihilated but the game was actually pretty good.  We lost, but that was a given since Nebraska in 9th in the nation.  Wyoming played better than most expected.  It looks to be a good season this year.
Then early Saturday morning Nick and I got up and bundled up and headed out hunting.  This year I put in for  an antelope hunting license.  So we spent Sunday morning chasing antelope.  We finally found one in the right place and the right distance and not too far from the truck and I was able to shoot it.  We now have one antelope we can put in our freezer for the winter.  In a couple of weeks Nick will head out to get his.
After the work of getting my antelope skinned and hung to cool, we were pretty much done for the weekend. The rest of Sunday went by far too quickly.  Two days never seems like enough.  Monday rushes up to meet us like a long lost frenemy.  I really wish Monday would learn to be a stranger.
Hope everyone had a refreshing weekend and that Monday's appearance isn't too bad.


  1. SHUT UP! You shot an antelope??? Wow! That's awesome. I've only shot a gun once in my whole life. I'm a big chicken. Plus I'd probably shoot myself or someone else on accident because accident is my middle name.

  2. A night without kids? Whatever would you do with yourselves? :-)

  3. wow you shot an antelope! Ive never shot anything in my life. I have been hunting a few times but I dont have the patience for it lol.

    Weekends seem to fly by dont they it sucks

  4. wow you shot an antelope! how awesome and you had a very busy weekend if you did laundry..hehe I did that today.

  5. Weekends do go by so fast. And sounds like you had a nice, albeit busy one.

    And I've never eaten antelope. With my dad being a hunter we've had a lot of different meat but never that!


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