Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Confessions--Frogs, Laundry and Swapping

How can it be Friday again?  This last week flew by.  It started off badly, but it did get better.  Now it's time to confess again with Mamarazzi.
And away we go:
  • The laundry is bugging me for attention again.  
  • I swear it's as bad as a toddler.
  • I should know, I've got one of those running around right now.
  • Bruiser made me giggle this week.
  • I burped in front of him. (Hey, I live with guys, burping is the nicest thing that happens.)
  • Bruiser looked at me after I burped and said "You have a frog in your throat!"
  • I guess it did sort of sound like a frog croaking, maybe.
  • It made me laugh.
  • The new movie coming out--A Dolphin Tale--we've been to the aquarium where they have that dolphin.
  • I'm way excited about the halloween swap I've joined.
  • Can't wait to find out my partner.
  • With all the great ladies, who ever I get will be awesome!
  • I got a tetanus shot on Monday and my shoulder still hurts.
  • I needed one though.  It's been like 25 years since I had one.
  • I know I'm not fond of the changes that Facebook made.
  • Blogger is trying out a new interface too.  
  • I tried it and I was not thrilled with it.
  • So I switched back.
  • I'll change when they make me.
  • I joined Google+.
  • Don't have a lot of friends yet.  
  • Find me, add me to a circle. (Shameless plea for friends, I know).
I've confessed enough that the weekend will feel pretty good.  Now to go have fun.  You should go link your confessions with Mamarazzi.  I did ;)


  1. Yes, wordpress and pandora also put up new interfaces this week. I was NOT to happy!

  2. I think the Facebook changes have to be the biggest news of the week! I'm not a fan, but I guess I'll get used to it...

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  4. not sure what I did - I wanted to edit...but deleted instead! Oops! Not sure if you CAN edit! LOL

    I saw your comment on my blog about the Google+ - and honestly, the last 8 lines of you I confess I hurt my neck nodding! LOL LOL

  5. That darned laundry!!!!

    I'm not liking Google+...of course I'm not loving FB either! But, at least FB is familiar and I think that's why I'm not liking Google+!

  6. yay i joined the halloween swap to and i love Bruiser's comment about the frog so cute. oh and be careful the laundry is know to take hostages if not tended to

  7. Frogs this time of year? LOL. Love it. Have a good weekend.

  8. Laundry is so rude and demanding. And tetanus and flu shots hurt so bad!

  9. I think I do google + too but I have no idea how to add friends- if you figure it out I'd be happy to add you to my puny little group. :D

    I think they (FB, Blogger, etc) like to get us used to something then change it just to watch people get frustrated.

  10. LOL @ Frog in your throat.

    kids are FUNNY!!

    thanks for linking up!

  11. I just tackled my pile of laundry today! I feel better now!

    I'm on google+! I'll have to find ya!

    I like the changes made to blogger and facebook. But I'm weird. :D

  12. The best thing I can say about Facebook is that I've finally figured out how to make it so everybody and their brother doesn't know every time I play one of my silly games! (love playing Gardens of Time with you btw). I'm on Google +, but have spend almost ZERO time there. I'm glad to be your friend,look for me.

  13. Tetanus shots are the WORST!!! Ug and barf. Also am HATING the new


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