Friday, September 2, 2011

Confessing the Big Secret

OK so this confession will be just a bit different.  For the last two weeks I have been hinting about some awesome, great, fabulous news.  I'm finally able to tell what has been happening.
So first, about a year ago Nick's work got a new boss.  This new  boss was decidedly not qualified for the job he was appointed to.  He was also a paranoid, mildly nuts (OK more than mildly), incompetent person.  But he was the boss.  Nick managed not to get on his bad side but the stress of not knowing if he would be in the cross-hairs next was telling on all of us.  Nick was not the most fun to be around and the problems at work were taking over at home.
A change was needed.
Enter my manager.  In late July, he asked if Nick might be interested in putting in an application where I work.  Nick was very interested, as long as there was no trouble with he and I working at the same place.  There wasn't and Nick put in his resume.
He now has a new job with a huge reduction in stress.  He also gets to have a new challenge at work and it will be far better than where he was.  He started yesterday.  We are all pretty excited about the change.
So that is the big news.  Nick has a new job, for better people, better pay, and less stress.  And we don't have to move!

Now for a few normal confessions:
  • I had to make up with the vacuum.
  • A dust rhino charged me.
  • It sceered me so I made up with Mr. Vacuum.
  • We showed the Rhino who's boss.
  • It is definitely time to start dancing.
  • I need to get familiar with movement again.
  • It's been so hard to get the motivation when it is hot out.
  • Yes I know it's not as hot here as other places.
  • But getting sweaty after a hot bike ride home just holds no appeal.
  • However, my pants are saying I must find the appeal, or find larger pants.
  • I didn't play We Want to Know Wednesday.
  • I was out of town on a work retreat.
  • Nick got to go to.
  • A whole night away, no kids, and I got paid.
  • We got a great boat trip, and a fun, informative field trip to look at a formation that is important for work.
  • So I was gone Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • I am definitely playing next week.
This has gotten a bit long.  I better stop there.  Go see Mamarazzi and confess.  It's good for you and makes the weekend better.


  1. That is such great news. More pay and less stress? What a win-win situation! Congrats on not having to move!

  2. Yay for new jobs and nights away form the kids! Happy Friday.

  3. So happy that your hubby has secured a better, less-stressful job, and that life is good for you all!! :)

  4. Yeah!! That's super fantastic news!@ Wow how awesome to work at the same place!! Jeesh! Less stress is WAY better! And how jealous am I that you and your hubby get to go away together...AND GET PAID FOR IT!!?!?!! So great.

  5. Congratulations on your husband's new job. What at a relief. See, good things happen to good people!

  6. Congrats to Nick! That's fantastic news!

  7. Congrats to your husband and family! Always nice when more pay comes with less stress!

  8. Congrats on him getting the new job! That's fantastic! :)

    Happy Friday!

  9. My vacuum and are I frenemies. It's probably because I want to trade up to a Dyson.

    Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

  10. yay for the new job...i once heard someone say that the biggest waste of time is working 8 hrs a day doing something you don't enjoy or that adds more stress to your life. i believe that is true.

    thanks for linking up!!

  11. Yeah for new jobs and less stress! It's nice to hear good news about people's jobs!

  12. Wonderful news, congrats!

    At first I thought you said you made out with the vacuum- and of course that reminded me of Jimmy Weller who did more than made out with one and his sister snuck everyone in to watch.

    Have a great week, hope things stay fabulous (and cool off) where you are.

  13. "better people, better pay, and less stress"=serious win!

  14. Congrats to your hubby!!! More pay and less stress is a win/win any way you look at it!


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