Thursday, September 8, 2011


So this week is a picture essay.  I usually do those to describe what we've been doing but let's see if I can stretch a bit.
I've got two boys.  Turbo, 8, and Bruiser 2.  Very different ages, but they do manage to act like brothers.
Hi there, new kid on the block.

Working on being best buds.

He's my hero!

Bathing buddies.

I got this.

Snuggling is the best.

The tickling goes both ways.

This way I am tall!

Happy Birthday Turbo--love you! Now you're gonna share, right!?



But sometimes there is too much "love".
 Enjoy more photo essays at Sprite's Keeper.

small cycle


Corinne said...

that is great. They look like wonderful brothers.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Love these! You can tell they love each other, you're linked!

Mama Badger said...

How sweet. I notice there are not photos of anyone wrestling on the floor with someone fist knotted in the other ones hair, though...

sarajo said...

Oh, what a sweet post!

I totally get the too much love. We love hard in our family!

Brandy@YDK said...

i think it's great they can still be close even with the age difference. i hope that holds.

Michele said...

How adorable. Your captions made me feel like I was there when you took the photos. said...

What great pictures! You can just see how much Bruiser adores Turbo. So wonderful to see a great sibling relationship.

Mrsbear said...

There's nothing sweeter. I love it. I wish mine were more affectionate with one another, getting my 8 year old to hug his younger brother is like asking him to lick the toilet seat. Gross.

Casey said...

I think that is the perfect age gap! My brother's kids are the same space apart and I have been jealous of how well they get along vs my two (who are almost 16 months apart).

Love the pictures.... happy brotherly love.

Nicki said...

Loved this photo essay!


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