Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spin Cycle--What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Jen has given us the traditional back to school assignment.  What did I do for summer vacation.  We did not have a true vacation.  Well not a true vacation in a real sense.  We did do lots of stuff though.  Maybe a list would be a better way to show what we did this summer.

  • It started with a trip to the Flaming Gorge for a very rainy weekend.
  • Then I got a nasty sinus infection and Nick headed out to the field.  I stayed home and kept tabs on a couple of small boys.
  • We had loads of snow in the mountains and had to go see it.

  • Turbo had summer school/science camp.
  • We went to Kemmerer for fun on four wheelers.

  • Nick spent more time in the field.
  • We had fun afternoons trying to keep cool.

  • Then August hit.  With August came a real feeling of trying to pack a lot of fun into a seemingly short month.
  • We had fun in Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Then we went to Alcova for my birthday weekend.  We had a fabulous time.

  • Turbo went back to school.  Bruiser really wanted to as well.

  • And then Nick's brother and his partner came out here for their ceremony and we got an overnight at a local guest ranch.
  • I got to go on a retreat for work.
  • And we really aren't doing a whole lot for Labor Day.  Maybe a day trip, but nothing exhausting.  At least I hope not, with the way things have been for the last month.
And that was our summer.  With a lot of relaxing, a bit of work on the house--that Nick did the most of--some time in the mountains, but not nearly enough.  This summer went by really fast, but at the same time really slowly.
So what did you do for your summer vacation?

small cycle


  1. You guys went to a lot of great places! There was still snow at the top of the mountains in July when we went to Utah- crazy snow.

  2. Wait… something does not compute— Snow in Summer??? How (pardon the pun) cool is that!

  3. I did not know there was snow in the summer. Hm. Very pretty those mountains of yours.


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