Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spin Cycle--Traditions

Tradition.  That thing you do every time because you've always done it that way.  The holidays are chock full of them.  Some you do with your extended family, some you do with your immediate family.  It's funny just how many traditions revolve around holidays, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Easter has it's set traditions--eggs, baskets, big dinner with the family.  Church is involved for some people.  Then there is Valentines Day with it's chocolate, flowers, romantic meal.  I've talked about our seafood feast for New Years.  WE have started doing a appetizer feast for the Superbowl.  And for the Fourth of July we have made it a tradition since Bruiser was born to go camping.
But there are smaller traditions.  Some do Sunday dinner with family.  Others have a family game night.  I had a hard time pinning down the smaller traditions, some might call them habits.  I go grocery shopping on Saturday morning--early.  Nick always throws a roll of toilet paper in the car before a road trip.  We always go to the mountains and check out the fall colors.  My mom always comes over and helps us cut up the wild meat we have harvested (she usually cuts herself in the process but we try not to make that a tradition).
Some of these could be called tradition, some could be called habits.  I think it's really a fine line between the two.
There are traditions I'd like to start.  I'd like to do a family game night.  I'm better aiming for once a month at this point.  Schedules are just too nuts to try for once a week.  When I was working part time, I went to lunch with my mom most Fridays.  It was a nice way to reconnect and talk.  Now that I work full time we don't get to do that any more.  Time to figure out a new tradition.
I do have a tradition that I have been observing for almost a year now.  Wednesday night is Girl's Night Out.  I go out with at least one friend--others have joined us as schedules permit--and we have a drink--no guys, no kids, just grown up lady talk.  It has done wonders for my attitude.
So what are your habits, traditions, big and small, or what ever you want to call them.  Spin it up and link up with Jen at Sprite's Keeper.

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  1. Traditions/routines/habits are a huge help especially when we have kids. It might seem boring to some but to me it makes life a lot easier.

  2. i agree with Amanda they really keep things going

  3. I have found that a lot of our traditions have changed over the years as we have, but some we do no matter what.

    A couple of our faves are "Santa" making an extra stop on Christmas eve before he makes his real rounds to deliver new jammies and a cheese & crackers etc feast while we go look at lights and we are super competitive with games- and we absolutely love to have tv show or movie marathons complete with appropriate meal or snacks. When our fave games come out the girls have epic parties and NO ONE CAN SLEEP until they beat the game. There is a whole list of rules their friends have to sign to be invited including when bathroom breaks are allowed, etc. It's hysterical, off the wall, and totally us.

  4. We used to do a family game night and it always ended up with someone crying! I could never figure out how something that was supposed to be fun would always turn so horribly wrong!

  5. I too want to do a family game night or family movie/dinner night. But I'm with ya...once a week almost sounds too tough to schedule.


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