Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WWTK--Early Holiday Edition

Wednesday.  Hmm, sorta feels like Tuesday.  Short weeks always mess with my sense of the days of the week.  Any way, it is Wednesday and that means it time to do We Want To Know with Mamarazzi and Queso.
This week's questions are from Queso:
  1. What is your favorite holiday?  I have to say I love New Years Eve the best.  And not for the parties.  It's the holiday that we spend together as family, just the four of us and no one else.
  2. Do you have any fun holiday traditions?  What are they?  Why, yes, yes we do.  It's for New Year's Eve.  We do a seafood afternoon/evening.  We start with appetizers around 2, then have the next course around 5 and the last course around 8.  This way we get to eat lots and lots of seafood without the over full feeling (and clean up between each course is much easier than trying to get it to all get done at the same time).  This tradition started when I was pregnant with Bruiser.  I was about 8 months that New Year's and would never have been able to eat a big meal all at once so we spread it out over the afternoon and evening and like it so much we have done it ever since.  Another tradition we have is for the boys to watch where Santa is via the Norad Santa Tracker website on Christmas eve.
  3. When do you start Christmas shopping?  About August or so.  I start picking up little things that I see for the boys and Nick.  The bulk is done after Thanksgiving though.
  4. What is your favorite holiday food?  In our family I love our seafood New Year's, but for traditional holiday food, I do love a good prime rib.
  5. Share a favorite childhood holiday memory.  There are so many.  I think my fondest was the fun of spending Christmas with just my immediate family.  Christmas meant opening presents, having a late breakfast and not going anywhere, just spending time with family and getting to enjoy all the new stuff we got for Christmas.
  6. Have you ever actually tried fruitcake?  My mom used to make fruitcake, brandy soaked and all.  As a kid I didn't get to try it after it was brandy soaked, but the fresher stuff (non-alcoholic) I got to try and while it was not my favorite, it wasn't bad.  That being said, I have never eaten the store bought kind--to many weird "fruits" and nuts.
So there you have it.  My answers for this week.  Go visit our lovely hosts and see what every one else answered.



  1. That New Year's celebration sounds wonderful...And my dad used to make sure we caught Santa on the Norad tracker on TV when we were kids - they used to show it on our local news with the weather - so I made sure to take my niece and nephew down to watch on the computer last year. So much fun!

  2. That does sound like a good NY eave. I may have to make a new year's tradition so it doesn't seem so empty when we don't go out...

  3. We never did anything for New Years' really. That's cool you guys do something big.

  4. You really start Christmas shopping in August? Boy, you are good! I just can't get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving.

  5. I don't know why, but suddenly I'm yearning for New Year's..

  6. i need to be so much better about getting my christmas earlier.

  7. You must like to drink! I love New Years too! ;) lol

    I haven't started Christmas shopping yet and I'm getting nervous! I just don't wanna think about it anymore.

    I have never tried fruit cake. Is that weird?

  8. I am right there with you- I am totally fine with and even enjoy Christmas being just my immediate family- Thanksgiving is the holiday that I want to be with tons of family.

  9. I love New Years too. My girls call it Cheers Day. We let them stay up & toast with us at Midnight. They think it is the coolest thing.

    Love the food tradition. Really can you ever have too much seafood? I'd LOVE a day that I could enjoy it all day long :)

    I have never heard of the Norad Santa Tracker... I must check into this!

    I do the bulk of mine throughout November. I wish I was better about buying & putting away throughout the year. Waiting like I do definitely makes for a hectic & expensive couple months!

    Ahhh Prime Rib... YUM!!! It has been one of my favorites since I was 7 or 8. My Grammy would always take me out to prime rib dinner for my birthday.

    I want to do this one, I like the questions, they are fun. Maybe I'll link up tomorrow LOL.

  10. i LOVE your new years tradition! if i wasn't allergic to seafood i would totally try it, lol. but i think its so neat that its just you and the kids...i love it :)

    ps- I'm givin' love for mamarazzi today too, she's out of town but says hi to everyone! :)

  11. Your New Year's Eve tradition sounds so cool!!

    Love your answers!!

  12. You are my hero for starting Christmas shopping so early. I am always scrambling at the last minute.

  13. Love that you guys do what suits YOUR family. :) Your traditions sound great. Fruitcake, not so much. LOL

    We track Santa too- and did even after the girls were a bit old and Ian not yet born. What can I say we're all just big kids at heart.

  14. great answer but must say i'm not big on seafood so no worries of me dropping by at new year..hehe have a great evening and the fruit cake sounds ok especially soaked in brandy

  15. New years all day food eating extravaganza?! I'm in!! I love it!

  16. Your New Years sort of sounds like some our Saturdays. We start with something light than eat our way through the evening, adding a cocktail or two, of course.


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