Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I Love to Hear...

...but they could get old really quickly:

  • I pooped.  For obvious reasons this is met with mixed feelings.  The problem really stems from the fact that a skid mark will result in this being said as much as a full diaper.  I guess it is a bit better than stubborn denial of a full diaper and a stink that would stop a Zombie in his tracks.  Lord that kid can stink!
  • I need help!  This one comes from Bruiser when ever he runs into something he can't do or he gets stuck.  Like Saturday night.  I heard him saying this and then saw him in the kitchen looking like this:
He can get the pants down, but not off.

Other Bruiserisms:

  • I do it.  This leads to disasters if not monitored closely.
  • I want it.  If the want is not granted this will usually be followed by crying.
  • Bouncy ball!  This is applied to any ball that can be thrown.  Bruiser loves them all.
  • Play soccer! You really have to watch when he says this one or you could get beaned on the shins by a surprisingly well kicked ball.
  • Brover!  Bruiser loves his brother and calls Turbo Brover.  Brover play game, brover's room, go see brover (where ever brother is) are all things Bruiser will say about his beloved brover.
  • Go see Daddy!  This one is often said when he thinks Daddy will give in and let him do what Mommy won't.  Has yet to figure out that this doesn't usually work as Mom and Dad do talk to each other.

Turbo has his own set of terms and sayings that I love to hear but at the same time can make me cringe.  Kids have a special knack at making parents do both at the same time.

  • "Bruiser lets do it this way..."  Unfortunately this often morphs into "No don't touch that!  Mom! Bruiser's in my room!"
  • What's for Dinner?  Often morphs into eww I don't like that!
  • What are we watching?  Again morphs into I don't want to watch that!
  • Can I play video games?  Either Yess! or Shoot! depending on  a positive response or negative response. 
  • Mom can I go out to play?  leads to No, I don't want to come in!  This one comes from both boys.  Coming inside is torture of the most exquisite form for little boys.  It ranks right up there with the special torture of going to bed when it is light out in the summer.
I'm sure the repeated phrases will change as the boys get older, but I know I will continue to have a love/hate feeling toward the things they say.


  1. I can relate to some of these - but most of all: "I do it." My niece is 2. This is her favourite thing to say. Even if it's something she can't POSSIBLY do on her own. "I DO IT!!!" and tantrums ensue if you don't let her do it by herself. Ahhh, kids...

  2. That picture is adorable, he looks so distressed, haha

    I love listening to the things little kids say - I especially love hearing conversations between two little kids, sometimes they're hysterical.

  3. Sprite has a few good ones too, but she seems to have adopted my response, "Well..." when considering what she wants to say. :-)

  4. That picture is perfect! And I understand what you mean how you can love it now but some phrases get old quickly~

  5. Oh, my word, are those ever FUNNY! I think I heard some of the same ones when my girls were little. You sure know how to tell it like it is and I love that! That picture is just the icing on the cake!

  6. These will all morph into "I don know". Mostly, when asked who messed up.

  7. I can relate to all of these. Sweet post

  8. awwww so cute. G comes and tells me "daddy said no" all whiny like.


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