Monday, May 16, 2011

Such and Such Monday

I'm still mad at Blogger.  They have not given me back my Thursday post.  It's still lost in the ether.  I know lots of people have already gotten back their Thursday posts, but mine is still gone.  Whine, pout, moan.  Kay, I'm done.

We didn't do much this weekend--the weather was less than nice.  And it's supposed to get all rainy with a bit of snow at night later this week.  Somehow I think we had spring Mother's Day weekend and that's all we're gonna get.  At least we got out to enjoy it.

I did go shopping with my mom--used books, thrift store finds and Sam's Club--yeah we know how to live it up.  But we did go to Sierra Trading post and hit a great sale there.  I got a pair of really cute Keens, and a pair of Chaco sandals.  I was hoping for Keen sandals but they didn't have any my size.

Yesterday at Walmart, doing the weekly grocery run, Turbo spotted the display for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was instant love.  He lobbied hard for it, but since he has a birthday coming up in--oh god--9 days, he gets to wait.  Grandma will come through for him.  It was funny to see him censor himself in requests for stuff while we finished our shopping.  We did check out bikes--the kid has to learn how to ride a bike this summer.  We are hoping a new bike that he picks out will do the trick.  Honestly, I think the kid looks at his bike like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes used to.  It's not a kind and loving relationship.  Turbo is sure the bike is out to get him.

Bruiser continues to be Bruiser.  Nick had a friend over last night who had a five month old bull dog.  Bruiser thought the bully dog was fascinating and terrifying by turns.  Since they were about the same size it was fun watching them chase each other.

Well that covers the family ramble for this week.  Tune in next week for an update on the campaign for Lego Pirates, the Bruiser chronicles and the rest of the story Jones style.
(Clicking on the Lego link takes you to amazon with a small amount for me--just saying)


  1. I'm so done with the rain. Bring it Spring!!

    We are into LEGO Harry Potter right now. Must keep Pirates a secret!

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  3. I steer clear of Sams on the weekends. That's when the crazies come out! We wait in line to check out for an HOUR too. It's horrible.

    FYI: I clicked on your link! ;)

  4. Boo about your blog post being lost in the blogger abyss- I'm sad for you. And I love used book stores!

  5. I am glad my oldest isn't quite old enough yet to really want stuff. I mean, he DOES, but if I tell him no, he actually soon forgets about it. The only thing he goes hardcore for is if he wants to watch a certain cartoon. And he won't. stop. asking.

  6. Seems I didn't know about the blogger outage myself and I don't know if I have a post missing.
    YAY! for a good shopping trip with your mom.
    I think spring is a lost cause here this year.

  7. This is how we taught ours, we took off the pedals of the bike and let him ride around with it like that. After two months of practicing every day you could tell he got the hang of balance, since he could ride several yards without his feet touching the ground. Then we added back the pedals.

  8. Yep...Blogger got a lot of people upset. My post came back, but I'm still missing some of my comments. I suppose I should just let it go and move on, huh? Did you REALLY mention snow??? Oh, perish the thought!

  9. Sprite loves to "practice" her bike, but "practice" is usually all of about three minutes before she's off and chasing one of the dogs and I have to lug the damn thing home.

  10. The only positive thing about blogger going down was that it gave me more time to think and figure out what I should be posting.. sometimes the stress of posting something interesting all the time is a lil' much... hope you have a great week!!!

  11. I love used book and thrift store shopping. :D

    Between Blogger and my wonky internet connection I was pretty darn pissy last week.

    We finally have spring with sun and 60s. Yay!

    I remember Legos. What I remember most about them is how much it hurt to step on them. I'm so glad my Midgets are too old for them now.

    I clicked on your link. :D


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