Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Vlog--I Did It Again

OK. Time for the may Vlog link up with Mamarazzi and Shawn.


I recorded one again.  And again there is background noise because Bruiser couldn't leave Mommy alone.  It's not that bad.
Questions were provided by Emmy Mom and Mamarazzi and Shawn. Beth from Living the Goddess life wanted to know what was in our purse. And this time I got all of the stuff on the video, even the show and tell.
So without further ado:

I have to say sorry again for the Bruiser background noise.  Life happens.


  1. Well done! Vandy is great name, original but not too exotic or difficult to spell, but trust kids in school to find something wrong with anything.

    Salty here too, love a good pistachio.

  2. Love your name, it's very nice.

  3. I am in the same boat about names. Mine is far too common and it has taken me a long time to really like it. Vandy is an awesome name though!

    And all these vlogs are letting me know I need to put more fun stuff in my diaper bag. Play dough is an awesome idea for going out! Thanks!

  4. I love these...I get to hear your voice! I have to laugh, my purse is the size of your dipper bag and I carry it everywhere, but I have the same little bag you do, hung in the closet and it goes with me on vacation. Still the Double Mint Twins, even after all they years.

  5. Personally, I think your name ROCKS...it's so unique and has such a nice ring to it! BRAVO for another job well done!

  6. I really like your name! Wow you've got a lot in the bags? I used to love the "least stuff possible" :)
    You are great at this Vlog stuffs.

  7. Your name is AWESOME.
    I'm the only idiot that picked a name and spouted it off! Sheesh. LOL
    Unwilling early bird! That's me.
    Yes! I love that you picked Jacob. :)
    Yep, books AND Kindles both.
    Hahahaha, NO MACS!!! Teehee.
    Yes, carmex, it's a must, or chapstick! LOL, love the Minnie!!

  8. I love Vandy, it's unique and I love unique!

    During school I to am an unwilling early bird.

    I can only do a small purse if I'm going out and only carrying my id, lip gloss and gum.

    Bruiser really wants a snack. How sweet is he? "DIAPIES! CELL PHONE, MICKEY. What a little parrot, love the inflection on the end of that MICKEY!

    Thanks for linking up again!

  9. Vandy is a fun name-definitely unique but not too strange.

    I waited until my kids were in bed otherwise they would have been in my video too.

    Fun video-so fun to hear what people sound like in real life.

  10. Yay sunflower seeds! :D
    OMG your purse is awesome! Built-in organization is brilliant.
    Ok, I love that Bruiser was getting in on the purse exploration- too cute!

  11. That's hilarious cause I was like man that's a really small bag...then you whipped out that huge sucker! LOL I always have tons of crap in my diaper bag...I have to be prepared...!!
    Loved your vlog so great to see you this month!

  12. "an unwilling early bird" love that!

    i also love your name. always have.

    so smart to get a small bag that will fit in a bigger bag when you have the kids in tow.

    thanks for linking up. looks like you are getting the swing of this too. everyone is smiling more and seems more relaxed this month!!

  13. I think your name is adorable!! And I carry the biggest purse ever. Seriously. It sets off the passenger seatbelt light when I put it on the front seat :)

  14. I love the name Vandy! Is it short for anything? I have a ton of LIsa, Stacey friends...we must be around the same age.

    IT looks like your purse has lots of great pockets!

    Snacks?? Love it!

  15. I love Bruiser in the background repeating everything. What a doll! Smart idea having a purse inside a purse, I should totally do that! You are so soft spoken, I bet you are the most patient mama... I'm a wee bit jealous of that right now. Me - no patience lately LOL

  16. Ive always loved your name...its different and unique without being weird, love that!

    Bruiser in the background just cracks me up....and you should never apologize for being a mom! Thats your real life!


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