Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Tuesday things

Random it up people:
  • I often have felt Wrap Rage, but never knew what it was called.
  • And for completely useless but very interesting information Did You Know...
  • We had a great weekend.  There was fishing, boating, sunburns, TABs(Tasty Adult Beverages), rain, mud, and snow.  Yes snow.  Pictures to come later this week.  But not of the snow, seeing it was depressing enough.
  • Really, a good time was had by all even with the noncooperation by the weather.
  • And this next weekend, Nick is headed to the field.  So, more camping.  
  • Our camper rocks.
  • we have "nice" weather now.  70 degrees, but with wind.  There's always wind in Wyoming.
  • Turbo got a new watch for his birthday.  Now I get constant updates on the time.  He might even keep Dad more on time, when he's with him.  Turbo has also timed several things, set his alarm, but got up before it went off, and checked the accuracy of the clock in the truck.  It's cute, but could slide right into annoying if he's not careful.  Luckily, I think he will be sidetracked by his other birthday loot.
Well that covers the random for me this week, go see Stacy for more Rebel Random Thoughts.


    1. Wrap rage, that cracks me up.

      And, I'm stealing TABs. When you visit me today, you will know (without it being printed there) that I had one or two at our Dose day...

    2. Wrap Rage! I totally have that and now don't feel so alone! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Who doesn't have Wrap Rage?? Although I now appreciate that there's a technical term for it, haha

      Snow while camping!? No thank you! We had some less than cooperative weather as well, but can safely say no snow!

    4. I had wrap rage this morning. Swim goggles.

      I heard it was snowing all over! Crazy!

    5. I love the bit about the useless trivia. It's true that food does not taste so good in a dry mouth.

    6. I am partaking of TABs today by the pool. Hoping for a darn good sunburn and hangover to match. :P

      Happy Tuesday!

    7. I always get wrap rage! :P

      Sounds like a great weekend indeed.. :D Hope your week turns out even better.. :)

      Happy Tuesday Vandy! :)

    8. sounds like a great weekend. G always asks what time it is, even though it means absolutely nothing to a 2 yr old.

    9. Wrap rage-hilarious!

      Love useless but interesting facts. :D

      I'm glad you had a good time camping, despite the snow.

      TABs are always good. Hehe

      Turbo is so funny with his watch, but I can see how it could enter into annoying pretty quickly.

    10. OMG, I totally get wrap rage. Stupid packaging.
      TABs are the BEST!
      Indy has a watch too and is constantly telling me what time it is. I think he's trying to get back at me for all the times I responded "Time for you to wear a watch" when he asked the time.

    11. Haha, Wrap Rage! I get that a lot!

      Also, fish scales in lipstick? Gag!

      We say people are a unique as snowflakes. Now we can say they are a unique as cornflakes. :)

      Happy Random!

    12. I'm so glad there is a name for Wrap Rage. Even though the wrap in question should be illegal.


    13. I'd kill for 70 with wind; it's about 95 and still as anything here. Happy RTT!

    14. I have sliced open appendages due to wrap rage. I'm surprised my own picture is not on that Wiki site.

    15. Wrap rage...hilarious...I dont suffer from it because I hand it to Levi and say "open it knifeman"

    16. I didn't realize TAB's were still on the market...my mom used to drink those all the time way back when.

    17. i have my first sunburn of the season, and I am loving it!

    18. Totally had to google wrap rage. I usually have it most on Christmas morning. Ugh!


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