Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Tuesday Comes Around Again

Time to do the random thing and join Stacy for Random Tuesday.  She's still holding the rebel sign and leading the rebellion against the end of Random Tuesday.  With any luck Keely will want her title as Random Tuesday Queen back soon.  Anyway, here is my random for the week:
  • Mother Nature is seriously whacked.  No really, I think she sent us the shortest spring on record.  I blinked and spring was over.  I gotta stop blinking, I miss so much that way: spring, the boys growing up...
  • Small children have radar for your weak points.  Whether you have a sore spot or just a threshold for  whining, kids know where or what it is.  And they go for it every time.
  • Goldfish crackers are crazy addicting.  They never sound all that tasty, but just try having one of the stupid little buggers.  It's impossible.  You have to eat like dozens of them and they taste so good.  But they don't sound good when you think of a snack. 
  • Making Turbo do chores to play his video games is a win for me--I get those little nagging things done and he gets a bit of responsibility.  I know he's going to want a DS soon--he loves playing with mine.
  • Why is it that having a set plan for dinner--that I didn't come up with--makes me stick to it better?  Doing this Emealz thing has really helped in the dinner decision making.  Just taking out the question of what to make for dinner has really helped.  This means when my subscription runs out I really need to sit down and do some serious planning.  I'm thinking that I will be putting together a dinner box--the recipes and meal plans in one place to choose from to make dinners for the week.  I'm still kicking around ideas.  But I'm going to have to do something so the dreaded "What do you want for dinner?" question stays retired.
  • In other news, there is a rumor that Jen of Sprite's Keeper is thinking about bringing back the Spin Cycle.  I'd love it if she did.
OK, that's all I've got this week.  Go join up with Stacy, she of the randomness (for the moment).


    1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the goldfish!

    2. Goldfish crackers are SO Addicting!

      Haha, have a great Tuesday! :)

    3. Love Goldfish crackers. Can't have just one. Just like cookies. Can't have just one of those either. Bastards.

    4. When hubs and I went on our crazy strict diet in 2004, goldfish were one of the things we stopped buying, because we ate them by the ton. But then we had kids and they once again became a household staple. I have to really watch myself with those things! But aren't they good??

    5. Weird, I still cannot fathom goldfish crackers and why people like them so much....hmmm, i think i might be broken

    6. i'm in love with the vanilla cupcake goldfish. i can't buy them. they are like crack.

      and i need to be a meal planner. we eat out way too much.

    7. I know what you mean about the blinking thing. Time passes by so quickly it takes my breath away.

      Children's radar improves as they grow older and by the teen years they have it perfected. They are merciless.

      Goldfish crackers make me nauseous for some reason.

    8. I hate Goldfish crackers yet somehow find myself eating them. If the Spin Cycle comes back I might join in. Problem is I do this and wordless Wednesday and I only write M-F so I don't want my whole week to be memes. Wah.

    9. I heard a rumor, heard a rumor, they say you've got a broken heart..
      I happen to love snacking on Goldfish crackers. My hips don't, but when I'm making dinner and the kid wants something to snack on, a scoop for her, a scoop for me. Or two, or three... Dinner prep needs to be a lot shorter.

    10. My husband buys Goldish in GALLON containers, yet he doesn't eat them. He likes to buy things I like, but really, does he have to buy so many of them???

      Hips hate goldfish.

    11. All of that kid stuff is addicting, especially the stuff with the nuclear reactive colouring. I've realised over the years of many hours in parks, cars and watching sports that best for me to save the calories for whine O'clock. Want to hear more about the menu planner. Tallulah just asked "Did you just do the grocery shopping?" I have already done two bigs shops this week and its only Tuesday.Think menu planning will alleviate this...

    12. I agree with you 100% - Mother Nature is whacked. Or she needs to be whacked. Either way. :)

      Goldfish crackers really are addicting, aren't they? And it's probably a good thing I haven't seen them available in the vanilla cupcake version - or I'd be eating them more than I do now. ;)

      I keep trying not to blink, but it's not working out very well.

      I REALLY hope Jen brings the Spin Cycle back! I miss it so!!!

      Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me and keeping the random alive!!! :)

      Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People - RTT Rebel

    13. It's mid May and I swear the other night..I literally spied snow flurries...wtf?

    14. I have thought about having the dinners planned and semi-prepared for the week, everything chopped, etc. It would make dinner time so much easier. It always sounds so good in theory but then I never do it.

    15. Ohhh my gosh Mother Nature IS whacked... it is gorgeous one day & then terentual downpour then next couple. Come on Summer!!!

      Whining, ooohhh that gets me too!


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