Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Weekend Gone...

...and what do I have to show for it?
I got the laundry done.
I got the truck and the car detailed.
I got dishes done.
I got lunch and dinner made, fed to the fam and cleaned up on Saturday and Sunday I got them dinner.
I helped Turbo put together his new Lego set.
We went and socialized with the neighbors.
We survived the "Rapture" or the end of the world or what ever it was supposed to be.  In honor of the supposed events, Friday we snuggled down and watched Ghostbusters.  It seemed fitting.
Really we did a lot of nothing.  But I feel like I got a lot accomplished.  And looking back, I feel awfully domestic.
But on Sunday we got to go have a bit of sanity fun by getting out for drive to see how much water is coming out of the mountains.  It is really just beginning. We will have lots more in about two weeks.  Since we are just starting to warm up, things are just starting to thaw out.
Next weekend we get to have fun.  Turbo is out of school and we are going to go play.
But first we have to get through this week.  And what a week it will be.  It's Turbo's last week of school, his birthday is Wednesday, and we have to pack the camper for our celebration of Memorial Day weekend.  With any luck the week will go by in a flash.
So what did you do this weekend?

P.S.  over at Mimi's place--Living in France--she's having a giveaway for a blog makeover from Erin at Samantha's Day.  Go check out both Mimi and Erin.  You enter if you want, but I really want to win.


  1. Hells, you have a week in front of you! Anything great on the horizon for the birthday? And the last week of school? That kid must be in heaven ;) Pictures!!!

  2. So much festivities going on this week!

    I'm counting down the days for Memorial Day Weekend, can't WAIT to get out and have a long weekend away!

  3. Looks to me like you got a LOT accomplished!
    I would be exhausted!

  4. Sounds like you were a busy bee over the weekend! Doesn't it feel good to get some things accomplished? Our weekend was pretty relaxing, so I can't complain. Have FUN on your camping trip!

  5. You got a lot done.

    I was just lazy. ;)

  6. sounds like a great weekend. i bet this week will pass in a flash.

  7. When you list it all out you were busy! This is my daughters last week of school too. Then this weekend is the girls ballet recital & then we will be free of all the scheduled commitments... YAY!!!

    Happy Birthday to Turbo!!!

    Hope you win the blog makeover, that would be awesome!

  8. You were so productive this weekend!! Booyah to you!! I got a few dishes done and contemplated the laundry for a while, but that was about it.

    Hope you survive your week, you've got a lot going on!!

  9. Someday, I'd love for our school year to end when it's still May. But when does it begin again??

    Happy birthday to your boy!

    Happy Summer (?) too!


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