Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watchin' the Tube

OK, so I tried to post this last Thursday and then Blogger had it's hissy fit difficulties.  When Blogger was back and running, all I got back was the draft.  So we will try this again.
I was thinking about the television I watch on a regular basis.  It is very guy oriented:
  • Mythbusters--fun for the whole family
  • Dirty Jobs--down and dirty fun
  • Deadliest Catch--interesting drama and crabs!
  • Pawn Stars
  • American Restoration--a new show on History
  • Oddities
  • Top Gear
  • Good Eats
  • Bones
  • NCIS
  • Dukes of Hazzard--when it is on CMT
  • AFV--America's Funniest Videos
These are shows that I know the guys in my family will watch.  There is no way I can get them to watch the more girly shows I like:
  • What Not to Wear
  • Clean House
  • Say Yes to the Dress
  • How Do I Look--every now and then
  • CMT music--when it's on on the weekends.
  • I could get into Dancing with the Stars but have yet to actually watch it.
This does not count the amount of kids TV I watch.
  • Scooby Doo--any and all versions, shows, movies, whatever.
  • Phineas and Ferb 
  • Looney Tunes 
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Backyardigans 
  • Bob the Builder 
  • Thomas--although Bruiser does not like Thomas quite like Turbo did
  • Muppet Show.
So this comprises the majority of our TV watching time.  We spend an inordinate amount of time on the Discovery networks, History Channel and Nat Geo, what can I say we are geology geeks.  And watch very little network television.


  1. During the day it's Nick Jr or Nat Geo OnDemand {the little loves their animal shows!} and after she's in bed the hubs and I watch a ton of primetime. Thank you DVR! :)

  2. Lately, the only thing I regularly tune in for is Modern Family. Oprah and her behind the scenes weekly thing get Tivo'd for the treadmill and maybe some movies, but a lot of the shows I like to watch in the night are HGTV and DIY related.

  3. I probably watch way too much t.v. My kids are grown so I get to choose. And now, with the advent of the DVR, I can watch even more. But, I love my DVR for the complete feeling of power when I fly by those endless commercials. As always .... love your blog.

  4. i never seem to get a chance to watch TV. i try to catch 3 shows on a weekly basis - glee, big bang, and real housewives of OC. But I broke up with everything else.

    G loves nick jr. and is currently obsessed with scooby.

  5. My kid rules the tube and the list is pretty much like your last list, minus Thomas.

    Once in a while my husband and I will sneak in an independent film while the King is asleep.

  6. We actually don't have tv, but when we did we'd usually end up watching tv in different rooms cuz we couldn't agree on what to watch. I do have Netflix though and right now Doctor Who and Dead Like Me are my addictions. I wanted to watch House too, but they don't have that streaming so I'm outta luck.

    Bones is in my queue though.

  7. We watch way too much TV. But the bedroom DVR is mine so it is filled with CSI, Bones and then the stupid shows that I'm embarassed to name. And the kids shows that I'll watch with Leo are Phineas and Ferb and Supah Ninjas. Then the shows that we watch all together are Fugitive Man Hunters, Alligator Hunters, etc. A lot of shows on A&E and History channel. Manly shows for the family viewing!

  8. Why we have more than one TV. I watch shows on HGTV, PBS, DIY. And, Bones of course. I love Bones.

  9. We might as well call the tv my sons....he loves Nick Jr, disney and movies.... bubble guppies and umizoomi are a couple of his favs

  10. Thankfully, we have several TV's, so Abby and I can watch what we enjoy and Chris can go do his own thing. I can only watch so much of Pawn Stars and American Pickers, you know? :)

  11. Between 2 and 3, we were doomed to whatever my son wanted to watch. Since turning 3 (8 months ago) he's become less TV obsessed and we've put our foot down when it's our turn to watch something. And we totally watch a lot of those same shows as you; but we'll also tune into Real World and Storage Wars.

  12. My husband usually has control of the remote.. so I am with ya on the manly shows... but have gotten him to cross over to my drama every now and then-- although they are canceling most all my fav's, so we might be stuck watching Phineas and Ferb!

  13. I think I commented on this last week too. Anyway, we watch some of those shows but mostly, it's Bones, Real World and America's Best Dance Crew. Otherwise, we Netflix stuff.

  14. I love all of the "man oriented" shows! That is basically what I watch. Well, those and Food Network. :-)


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