Friday, May 27, 2011


Time to confess it all, or some, or what ever you fell like confessing.  Join up with Mamarazzi and Glamazon for the confession free for all.
And I confess:
  • I'm looking forward to this weekend.
  • Turbo is out of school and we are going camping!
  • With lots of friends!
  • It was fun but just a bit bittersweet to have Turbo's 8th birthday the week.
  • I can't have an 8 year old yet, can I?
  • I'm beyond thrilled that Jen at Sprite's Keeper brought back the Spin Cycle.
  • My post this week is here.
  • I may be doing more memes than I had planned.
  • But they are so fun.
  • And there are times when I look at my blog and go, what to talk about?
  • I just have to be careful and not let the memes take over completely.
  • I do enjoy them though--they bring so much comment love my way.
  • And I love comments ;)
  • I confess I may be missing on Monday
  • But I'll be around on Tuesday.
  • I never watched Oprah.
  • I don't think I'll miss her.
  • Some of the shows on her network are just bad.
  • I don't even like the ads for them.
  • I'm so ready for the summer to start.
  • Now to get that memo to Mother Nature.
Well there you have it.  I feel so much better.  If you want that feeling of relief go see Mamarazzi and Glamazon (this is her last week--gonna miss you!.



    1. I do so much traveling that it seems that at least once a week I've got something to write about but I know the feeling of staring at the blank screen and not having a clue what to write about.

      Have fun camping.

    2. I love camping...and I never liked Oprah. Glad to know I am not the only one who wasn't saddened by the ending of her show.

    3. What an astonishing coincidence. I never watch Oprah either. And that Secret thing was a bit too shady for my tastes.

      Wishing you a great weekend. :)

    4. HOORAY FOR CAMPING!!! I feel like you and I BOTH have been longing for it for months!

      I'm indifferent to Oprah. She has some nice qualities, but I don't watch her and I'm totally uneffected by her show ending. But I'll allow people to be excited/sad and make a big deal about it because that's what I did for THE wedding.

      Have fun camping!!!!

    5. YAY!! Camping!! My husband doesn't think I could camp, but i'd be willing to give it a try.

      Hey, I gave you an award today!! AWWWWWW.... :)

    6. have a great weekend. i never watched oprah either. it always made me jealous when they get free stuff.

    7. Oh yea, my life went on despite Oprah retiring!! I never did like her!

      But, alas, give a few years and she'll be back with another "totally different" talk show! lol

    8. Have fun camping!

      I never liked Oprah either. Or Dr. Phil. Or any other talk shows, really. Just not my thing.

    9. I didn't watch Oprah either. I don't think I will miss her either. She is not going anywhere. Just not doing her talk show. She's still there.

      I got one going to into high school, one headed into Middle school and the baby will be a big boy first grader. *sigh* it just never stops.

    10. I know whatcha mean about the memes and I didn't watch Oprah very much either. I probably won't miss her but she has her "own" network now. I want her kind of money.


    11. Oprah saved my life.

      I'm going to miss her tremendously.

      I have her last show on my DVR and I can't bring myself to watch it because then it will really be over.

      Have a great weekend!

    12. OMG-- I neva watched Oprah either. I just commented on someone else's blog about that and I kinda felt like I had been hiding under a rock or something.----- you must have been under the same rock! ;)

    13. I am the same with meme's I was like what is my blog about?! But they are fun and addicting and sometimes it's hard to find topics to write about! But I think it's fine! Do whatever your little heart desires!! I'm so ready for summer and DONE with the rain!

    14. Yes it is easy to do memes everyday. But yea, don't want it to take over either. Have fun camping! And yes something about eight just seem so old for kids.

    15. I got all infatuated with the Oprah Phenomenon for a while but realized that I was being silly. I stopped watching around 2 years ago and haven't miss it one bit.
      Have a great Memorial Weekend!

    16. No one will miss Oprah, because she will be all over her own channel now.

    17. I only watched Oprah whenever I liked her guests but I was never the kind who waited for that time of the day for her. Have fun camping!

    18. i will miss Oprah...but i totally watched her for forever!!

      thanks for linking always i love your confessions!!

    19. Sounds like you have such a fun weekend planned! I hope it's not so hot for's been in the 90's every day this week here, blah!

    20. when I was in HS I always watched Oprah. I loved her. But as I grew, I lost the desire to watch.. I don't think I watched once in the last 10 years

    21. I hope you have had fun camping! I'm always shocked I have kids, let alone a three year old. Time flies by to fast as a mom. :)

    22. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I have a 16 year old. That amazes me every time I think about it. I don't know where the time goes.

      I won't miss Oprah either, to be honest. Though I'm sure she will be around.


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