Thursday, May 19, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

Going to join in with Emmy Mom and Kmama for Proud Mommy Moments this week.

My Mommy Moment has to do with Turbo.  And the longing a boy can have for a video game.

Last week while we were doing the grocery shopping we were at Wally World.  Since Turbo's birthday is coming up and we plan on getting him a bike, I took him from the food side to the bike side.  In the process we passed the DVD/Music/Video game area.  Out in the middle of the aisle, like wally World is Famous for, there was a display for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Turbo saw it and fell in instant love.  He begged and pleaded and really almost cried to get it right then and there.  I was not moved--his birthday was coming up and there was no way I could justify that purchase to Nick.  Turbo had to wait.  I made a deal with him.  If he could refrain from asking for anything at the stores we had to go to next, we would see if the game rental store had one to rent.

It was funny and sweet to watch Turbo contain his longings as we went to Albertson's and Kmart.  He would see something that caught his eye and start to ask for it then catch himself and say "I want it but I don't need it.  Nope, not asking for it."

When we went to the rental store we found that all copies of the game were rented.  Turbo took the disappointment well.  Since he had been so good I let him pick out a different game to rent--also a Lego video game, but one he hadn't played yet: Lego Star Wars III.  turbo has been contently playing that one for the last few days.  I also put a bug in grandma's ear about Turbo's wish for the Pirates.  There's a good chance that I will be watching (and playing myself) a little Lego Jack Sparrow have adventures that come apart easily.

Now if only he could handle being told no that well all the time.  I was very proud of how he handled the whole thing.  He was cute and for once not annoying about getting something he wants.  Delayed gratification is that much sweeter.  He's going to be so excited on his birthday.
(Clicking on the Lego link takes you to amazon with a small amount for me--just saying) 


  1. Good for Turbo! I usually get around those moments by telling Sprite I'd ask Daddy if we can get it next time. It's usually forgotten in a few hours. Although, sometimes, she'll bring it up again and I'll sneak out and get it and hide it for a more appropriate time. :-)

  2. Go Turbo! Don't you love it when kids take no for an answer?

  3. Love it. Love what he was saying to himself. I often tell the kids that if they behave well while shopping and do t ask for things they cn eachnpick out a candy at the checkout- but well I usually have to remind them not to ask :)

    Great PMM! Thanks so much for playing along.

  4. that's awesome. i've played lego batman - it was pretty fun - i can see why it would the perfect present ever for a little boy.

  5. Way awesome! I think the boy is a chip off his mother.

  6. That is definitely a proud mommy moment. Small steps.

    The boys here love Lego Star Wars III - hopefully they won't find out there's a Pirates of the Caribbean version... (Yes I know, fat chance of that happening!)

  7. That's really something to be proud of...especially handling the disappointment so well!

    Buddy has the Lego Star Wars III game for his DS and said he wanted the Pirates game, but when given the opportunity to purchase it, he purchased a different Lego Star Wars game.

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Wow! That is something to be proud of! It really is great that he was able to go through the store(s) and not ask for anything at all!

    Hope that he has a great birthday!

  9. Great moment!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday!!


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