Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Tuesday

And there is so much to be random about this week.

  • So they got Osama.  This is a good thing--I guess they could find him.  Now we need to see what will happen next.
  • Bruiser loves to see kitties on the computer.  We spend a lot of time looking at LOLCats and Stumbling for cats.  It makes him happy and it's easy, plus I get to snuggle with him.
  • I have to admit that I did not watch the royal wedding, but I did go look at pictures.  Those were some hats worn by the royal cousins.
  • With any luck, we will get out of town this weekend and go camping.  Although since I said that we will be getting snow now.  Not that we haven't been having snow just about daily for the last couple of weeks anyway.
  • So I won that subscription to Emealz.  We are liking it--the meals are easy to put together and quite tasty.  It's saving us some money and lots of time.  I don't have to ask what do you want for dinner, which used to be a daily thing.  I only have a three month subscription, so I'll have to see if it's worth continuing, or if I think I can take what I've learned and actually plan meals for us.  I'm not sure I can be that organized.  I do like knowing what we are having for dinner.  I think some time with Excel might be in order, for both a grocery list and meal planning page.
  • I've been feeling really blah lately, blah and irritable.  I blame the weather.  We have had snow, yes snow, every day for the last week and a half.  And if it's not snowing or raining (or a combination of both) the wind is blowing so hard you can't be outside.  Spring, what is this spring you speak of?
So that covers my random, go see Stacy, who is holding up the random banner until Keely takes it back.



  1. I'm glad you posted an update about that Emealz subscription. I bet once you spend more time with it you'll be able to sit down and work out your own plan. It seems like a lot of moms use Excel a lot for their grocery shopping and meal planning. I'm not a mom but I think it might be a good habit for me to get into when it comes to my own meal planning.

    And I can't believe you still have snow. :( I thought for sure we'd be the last people to have snow so I really feel for people that still see it outside, YUCK!

  2. The weather has been playing havoc with people's moods this year. We've had non-stop rain and last week a tornado. Mother Nature can't make up her freakin' mind apparently..

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. We've also been blah and I didn't rejoice Osama's demise (though I think it's for the best) nor did I watch the Royal Wedding. Sounds like we're on the same page. :) Happy Tuesday.

  4. We had rain here everyday in April save one. Record breaking. Very, very gray--but I remind myself how much worse it could be--as in spring tornadoes. Perspective is annoying, but it adds truth, right?

    I hope you get to go camping! Sounds like you need to get out, and I totally get that.

    The wedding, meh. She was lovely, but the hats were crazy! Osama, I cannot rejoice in a death, and I too wonder what/who is next.

  5. I've done the LoLCats thing with my son too, it is fun. When he's (much) older maybe we'll surf to People of Walmart. :D

    This Emealz site looks really good and the price is not too bad...Hmmm

    Snow?! I hope your weather will improve in time for the weekend but frankly it sounds like a miracle will be needed.

  6. Emealz sounds interesting, but I actually spend less the way I'm doing it now, so unless I'm looking for recipes, not sure it's for my family.

  7. This is the first I've heard of ezmeals. will have to investigate further. I'm not one to fork over $$ though. You've seen my blog design right? free :P

  8. I hope that gas will go down in price now that Osama is gone.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  9. I'm glad Osama is finally gone, but do wonder what will happen next.

    I'm intrigued by that emealz thing - I'll be looking forward to seeing how you like it and if it's worth the subscription. :)

    I hope your weather cooperates soon - especially so you can get out camping this weekend!

    Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me!! :)

    Blogger's Elbow, Fun School Projects - RTT Rebel

  10. i totally understand the weather making you irritable. i hope you get to go camping and not freeze.

    G loves to look on the computer. I should've never showed him that it does things


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