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Spin Cycle--Reunions

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It's back!  Jen of Sprite's Keeper has revived the Spin cycle!  This weeks topic is reunions.  She couldn't have picked a more timely topic.
My 20 year high school reunion is this summer--the end of July to be exact.  I skipped my 10 year, for a lot of reasons.
One, they sent the invite to my husband's parents' house--a place I had never received mail.  By the time of my 10 year reunion, we had lived in the house we bought for about four years.  They found Nick parents' address, but not ours?  Yeah, not really lighting the fires to go see these people again.
Two, I never really fit in in high school.  I had no good friends to go see and reconnect with.  The ones I would have wanted to see were in different grades than I was.  It was a small school.  I graduated with about 76 kids.  All the grade socialized, with only about 300 kids in the whole high school, you knew just about everyone.
Three, Nick was working on his second bachelor's in geology and had a summer job with the USGS.  He was in the field at the time of my reunion.  He wouldn't have been able to go with me.  And I certianly wasn't going alone.
Now we have reached the time for my 20.  I'm torn about going.  The main reason I don't really want to go is because of reason 2 above.  And truthfully, I think I can find something more fun than that and I don't think anyone will really miss me if I don't go.  But on the other hand I am curious about how some people have turned out.
So do I go or don't I?  Really, I'm leaning toward not, but I might change my mind about a dozen times between now and then.
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  1. My HS experience sounds similar to yours, just in a bigger school. I did go to my 10--had to be talked into it,and it was not a good time.

    So I didn't go to the 20, or the, gulp, 30 a few years ago. The ONLY reason I should have gone to the 30 is that when I saw the photos posted on facebook, I realized I looked about 15 years younger than most of my classmates. I definitely had what my friend Brenda would call some "Erica Kane moments" perusing those pics!

    Shame on me, eh?

    Keep us posted...

  2. My twentieth is up in three years. I'm still not sure if I'm interested in going. I feel the same as you. I kept in touch with those I wanted to keep in touch with, the others? Meh. You're linked!

  3. I never thought I'd say this but I think it's perfectly legitimate to be curious after 20 years.

    I know I am. :)

  4. I went to my 10 year class reunion then have skipped every one after that. I lived out of the area so it all came down to money. They want $85 per ticket, plus the airfare, plus the car rental, plus the... You get the picture. It was too much to spend on people I wasn't really interested in seeing.

  5. I'm with Michele - I went to my 10 year, but skipped the subsequent one because I was no longer living in the area...the cost of the tickets (couple hundred dollars?!) added to a flight from PA to Seattle...not gonna happen. Like you, I went to a small school, so all grades pretty much interacted/intermingled - we had 200 students in the whole high school (9-12 grade). The people I was closest to I keep in touch with via Facebook - that works for me, and when I move back to Seattle, we'll probably pick up where we left off without having to deal with the whole reunion fiasco. ;) Great Spin! :)

    SC: Reunions - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

  6. I have no interest in attending any HS reunions. My first one will be in 2 years and I can think of plenty of more fun things to be doing with my time.

    Can you tell that I'm glad high school is done and over with?! haha

  7. I kind of wanted to go to my ten year but wasn't able to and it sounds like after party (i.e. drinking at the bar) was more fun than the reunion itself and since I don't drink.. yea not sad I missed it.
    Besides FB kind of takes out the curiosity of seeing how everyone ended up as you can see there so no need to go for that reason anymore.

  8. I'd say it depends on what kind of party they are throwing! I didn't go to my 10 year, but I hear it was something like a lunch at a country club. I wasn't very sad I missed it. The place I'm from does them every 5 years so next year will be my 15th and my decision to go is totally going to be based on the venue!

  9. I went to my 20th and found it to be most enlightening. I think that once you have been married and have children, you have more things in common with your classmates. I was truly surprised as to how friendly everybody was (I guess we do mature after all).

    I say go and enjoy yourself.

  10. I'm very much like you in that my high school experience wasn't so great...I skipped my 10th, and honestly, who knows what I'll do for the 20th!

  11. My 10 year is going to be this summer and I decided not to go. It was super expensive and they wanted to money in September. Apparently the people organizing it (who would want that job and how did they get it?) put up their life's savings and were really worried people weren't going to be able to come and then they would lose everything. If I had savings I wouldn't put it on the line depending on people coming to a reunion. Also, it's sort of crazy that they need you to pay and RSVP 10 months before the party. Who knows what's going to happen before then? Also, I would rather just go to a park and get some pizzas and chill. So no for my 10 year...who knows where I'll be for the next ones...but I'm thinking I'm not going to waste my time and money.

  12. I feel like your #2 answer goes the same for my HS reunion. There will only be about 10 people at the reunion anyway.
    So glad the spin is back!

  13. So many factors, so many factors. If you remember your high school days with fondness and had lots of great friends, I would be tempted to go. Only a few close friends, then what if they don't show up, who would I sit with? Do I look well preserved? Should these people stay in my past? Then there is the budget, fun factor, open bar, any dancing, good gossip, reliving being 18. Well....

    I'm not much help am I?

  14. My 20th is in 2 weeks. Didn't go to the 10, won't be doing the 20 - I cannot afford the amount of therapy it would take to get me through it!


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