Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts--plunged into the deep end

So, after a relaxing weekend, here we are again at Tuesday.  And if it's Tuesday that means random but now it means we get to follow Stacy's rebel sign because Keely is still settling into her new job.  So here we go, and random:

  • Why, after a good weekend does Monday suck that much more?  Turbo is sick, the dishes are breeding in the sink, and I just don't want to anymore.  Whiny, much?  Yes, I am.  Things will look up, but getting there is never fun.
  • We have gotten rid of the suckie, sort of.  Bruiser does not suck on one any more but he holds the silly thing when he goes to sleep and he knows that Grandma is a push over and cries during nap time for it. Interesting that a small person has such control over a large person.  What is it that makes grandparents pushovers?
  •  I just saw the commercial for Baconalia--baconada--bacon what ever at Denny's.  There is something wrong with the thought of Bacon on a sundae.  This is love of bacon taken too far.  I like chopped peanuts on a sundae, but crumbled Bacon?  Oh no, that is messed up.  Oh so wrong.  Yuck!  What is it with Denny's and the crazy food?  Eggs on burgers, bacon on a sundae--what do they want breakfast to just take over?  Stop the madness!
  • They are threatening snow again tomorrow.  I'm hoping for just rain.  We will probably end up with a combination of both.  But on the brighter side next weekend is supposed to be as nice as last weekend.  I'm hoping to get the inside of the cars detailed.  I like to do it in the spring--makes summer trips that much nicer.  Time to haul out the vacuum and the Armour All and  paper towels and have at it.
  • I might go shopping with my mom on Saturday too.  I want some keen sandals and Mom is just looking for hiking shoes/trail shoes.  I also want to hit the used book store.  Love cheap used books.
  • I'm so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, we are celebrating Turbo's birthday and going somewhere fun for the weekend--the countdown is on.
Now go see Stacy, she of the rebelness and got your random on.


    1. snow?! that's crazy- we're pushing the mid-90s around here. insanity!

    2. Looking forward to Memorial Day too, mostly for the excuse to sleep in. :-)

    3. Monday's ARE the worst and Tuesday's come in at a close second. I'm sorry to hear there's snow in the air over, ugh. I can't imagine.

      I did a pretty big clean of my car last night and it felt WONDERFUL! I think this weekend I might do some fine detailing and organizing...bring on the Q-Tips!

      I love Denny's and it's for sure because I love breakfast foods, they have some AHMAZING breakfast meals there, haha

    4. I think it was the bacon meatloaf that tipped me over the edge and sent me hurling to the bathroom. I like bacon but omg talk about overload. Happy Tuesday!

    5. i tried chocolate covered bacon once and it was weird. it didn't taste bad - it was just weird.

      and good job on the suckie - definitely headed in the right direction.

    6. I just about gagged when I saw that Baconalia commercial. Bacon & ice cream sounds gross to me. Pickles and ice cream are OK though...go figure. LOL

    7. I'm so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend too. Going camping with the family. I loooove bacon but have to agree that putting it on sundaes is going a little too far.

    8. Snow? Although, I think I might take snow over the 90 degrees we're getting the next few days. I hate the heat. Why do we always seem to jump from winter to summer around here?

    9. Monday's do suck - today was my Monday since Princess Nagger was home yesterday...I've had Foggy Brain Syndrome all day! ;)

      Yay for getting rid of the suckie sort of! :) Wish PN had been a suckie baby (not THAT kind...heh!) instead of a thumb sucker - she still slips into thumb-sucking mode at 8!!

      Bacon on ice cream does not sound appetizing at all.

      SNOW? Sheesh, that just proves that Mother Nature is totally whacked this year.

      Here's hoping Mother Nature gets her act together for Memorial Day weekend so you can have good weather for your getaway and Turbo's birthday! :)

      Thanks for rockin' the random with me!!! :)

      Addicted to Technology, Mother's Day - RTT Rebel

    10. Snow? Gee, we have record high temps over 90 this week. I'm complaining about the heat.

      Grandparents are pushovers for just about anything when it comes to the little ones.

    11. Speaking as a grandma-wanna-be I'd let him do just about anything.

      Bacon sundae? What the ....? You are right, that is just not right.

    12. Snow?!? That's not right! It's already too hot to play outside here!

    13. I've come to the conclusion that Grandmas are pushovers because their Mom's were grandma pushovers to us? It could also be because they would rather just have "quiet?"

    14. You're getting snow, still?!?!
      I got to the point with Boo, that whenever I found a "Paci" or "Suckie" on the floor, I hid it in a drawer, until they were all in my possession. I forgot about them until over a year later, when Boo came out with one of the comandeered paci's in her mouth.
      Guess I should have thrown them out, instead...


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