Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confession--So the Weekend Starts Guilt Free


  • After over achieving Tuesday morning the rest of the week was much less stellar.
  • Is it so bad to follow muffins for breakfast with cold cereal?
  • April is almost gone.
  • I'm glad to see it go.
  • It was way too much like March.
  • I'm hoping for May to be warm and sunny.
  • Hey, a girl can dream.
  • I don't do well with caffeine.
  • So bad in fact that after ordering rum and coke at a bar or restaurant, I will sleep off the rum and then be wide awake from the caffeine.
  • I do decaf everything.
  • Insomnia needs no help in keeping me awake.
  • After the trip to the 80s on Wednesday's post, what do I get to watch on TV?
  • I Love the 80s on VH1.
  • Turbo did not believe that I had big hair.
  • But I had proof.  Sadly.
  • I'm not really interested in the royal wedding.
  • And I'm sure it will be rehashed to death in the next few days.
  • I'm looking forward to the weekend and a chance to read the new books I picked up.
  • Well not exactly new but new to me.
  • Used book sales rock!
Now I can  head into the weekend with a clear conscience.  If you need a clear conscience , confess it up and link it up with Mamarazzi and Glamazon.  You'll feel better. I promise.


    1. Love, love, love your confessions.

      I'm glad April is almost gone too. I've had my fill of snow and rain.

      Caffeine is the only reason I don't walk around like a zombie biting everyone's head off (both literally and figuratively) every day.

      Rum and coke...num

      I had big hair too.

      I'm really not interested in the royal wedding either and I'm sick to death of hearing about it.

      Used book sales are the BOMB!!

    2. being the history buff that I am and a proud American I just dont see why we have all the hoopla over here in America. O wait maybe its all those Cinderella stories. But in my OP this aint no cinderella story just cause shes a commoner she was far from poor or middle class. LOL But Bless them and now lets get on with our lives

    3. I too hope for a nice warm & sunny May, so tired of rain and cold April.

      What new to you books did you get, I need to get lost in a new book.

      Add me to the could care less about the wedding list too!

    4. Yes, please let us know all about the books you got because the TBR-pile could always use some more friends. :D

    5. I'm beyond sick of 'the royal wedding.' Come talk to me when it's Brad and Angie. ;)

      I'm a caffeine addict...I don't know if I'd survive without it. lol.

      I'm kinda jealous..I never had big hair!

      Have a great weekend. XO

    6. LOLI LOVE those I love the 80's shows. I'm sitting here thinking how tired I am and how hard it is to comment on peoples posts when I feel dead in tha brain and my basically a space you reminded me that caffeine is EXACTLY what i need! Thanks

    7. I've never understood decaf coffee ... how do you drink it?!! Great confessions!

    8. i can't function without caffeine. need.

      i'm not about the royal wedding either. gross.

    9. love love love used books. And I NEED caffeine to function. for real.

    10. I see no problem with cold cereal, unless maybe it's cookie crisp. ;-)
      I watched some of the recaps of the wedding today because I wanted to see her dress. I was disappointed, I thought it was pretty boring. But then again she had to keep it subdued for royalty right? And yes it is already being rehashed to DEATH.

      I can do one to two cups of coffee but if I have anything after 3 I'm a goner. I was up til 2 trying to sleep last night :-( Bleck.

    11. Caffeine has no affect on me what so ever. LOL!

    12. Caffeine has absolutely no effect on me, but I drink diet soda all day long because I love the bubbles!

    13. I can't completely give up my caffeine, although I do drink decaf tea. And even tho insomnia needs no help in my world either! Gotta have a coke or 2 each day.

      I wasn't interested in the royal wedding, either, but I got sucked in! I'm weak.

    14. I think I've been in some alternate universe because I didn't realize until the day of that they got married .... sad and pitiful I know.

    15. Used booksales are the BEST! And It snowed here today. I waaayyy want some Spring!

    16. I love used books! My grandfather had one for a about 15 years before going online, and I worked there all through high school, it was fantastic!

    17. I'm with ya on a lot of those things. Used books rock! And April gone...super. But when is the weather going to warm up? Ugh. We have green grass and 30s. Heat wave...where are you?

    18. What book are you reading? I didn't watch the wedding and never watched the recaps either.


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