Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday--Can't like that day...

Yeah.  Monday sucks.   Especially after a great weekend.  and most especially when a little boy wakes up feeling yucky.  Bruiser is not well this morning.  I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, but he has a fever and is very clingy.  What a way to start a Monday.  I liked the weekend better.
We were busy this weekend.
We had people over Saturday--family really, but they are good friend too.  They have two kids, a boy Turbo's age and girl who just turned five.  We had great food--some ribs made with a fabulous recipe I found about a year ago.  We played the Wii--even got them to dance.  It was a really good evening.
As a result of the company, the house got cleaned and things got put away that had been sitting around for a while.  I also got ahead of the laundry.  So over all, the house is cleaner and we ate well this weekend.
Then Sunday we went to see some other friends.  Again a good time was had.  Even if the weather didn't really cooperate.  Mother nature was her usual bipolar self--58 degrees at lunch on Saturday, and snow by dinner.  Sunday we had wave after wave of snow and snail (snow/hail mix) blow through.  We never knew exactly what we were going to see out the window.
And now it's Monday.  And of course today is nice--ish.  Maybe next weekend will be better.
Where we wish we could spend our weekends.

Boys and water just demand rocks to throw.
So, here's to mother nature--We'd really like to see warmer weather soon.  Getting out is necessary to our sanity.  Please bring the warmer stuff soon, kthxbye.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! And snow? I can't imagine! It's been in the 90s here!

  2. Sometimes, a crummy Monday can make the weekend look even better. :-)
    Hope Bruiser feels better soon!

  3. Sometimes, a crummy Monday can make the weekend look even better. :-)
    Hope Bruiser feels better soon!

  4. Man, this time of year is hard on ur kiddos aint it? I notice since this time last year was when I went awol. Your lil babies were sick a lot then too. I hate the transition from winter to spring...too many germs and icky going around

  5. sounds like a great weekend. i'm ready for steady weather.

  6. Hope the monkey feels better soon ... the turbulent spring weather makes things soo difficult!

  7. Glad you had such a nice weekend, but so sorry Bruiser isn't feeling well. We had upper 80's here all weekend long...I loved it!

  8. Yay for awesome weekends! Ours was pretty fantastic too. Mondays aren't too bad around here, well, not usually. It's usually my day to relax, get my house back and get ready for the week to start. The rest of the week generally sucks though cuz that's when I actually have to do stuff.

    Hope Bruiser feels better soon. :)

  9. Snow STILL? Oh yucky girl I am so sorry. Hope Mother Nature blesses you with some beautiful spring days soon and that your little guy gets feeling better!

  10. I feel ya on the bi-polar weather! It has been so the same here!

    Boo for a sick little one - I hate that! Hope he is on the mend soon.

    But I actually love Mondays. Because it is Hawaii Five-O Night, and I LOVE that show!


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